Flat Tax

Posted by: SamStevens

Are you for or against flat tax? Opine this topic by filling out the answer form below. Provide commentary to further express your opinion if necessary.

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Black-Jesus says2015-05-02T18:22:29.0196193-05:00
@Varrack, not every one that is rich had to work harder than others for it, and not everyone that is poor didn't work hard at all
Anonymous says2015-05-02T23:15:23.0485829-05:00
People who are poor and work hard are the ones who need to be helped, not the people who are lazy and will not get a job.
michaeln23 says2015-05-04T02:11:03.3217396-05:00
Flat tax is a million times more simpler. The rich still pay more in $ but same in percentage as the poor, so seems reasonably fair. Also Flat tax will probably solve our current complicated tax filing errors which leads to loss time and overall money. 10% tax, 1million man pays 100k 10% tax 20,000$ man pays, 2k
tajshar2k says2015-05-04T08:43:51.7998344-05:00
@michael23, Could you explain a bit more on how the rich pay more in $, but the same %? I don't understand how that works.
58539672 says2015-05-04T11:38:39.4086892-05:00
A flat tax is when everyone pays the same percentage of their income for their taxes. Lets say the flat tax is 10%. If a man makes $20,000 (the poverty line) then he only pays $2000 in tax. If a person make $80,000 a year, then they pay $8000. If someone makes $250,000 a year, they pay $25,000 in tax. And if your Bill Gates or someone similar and make $80,000,000 each year, then you pay $8,000,000 in tax. Same percentage, different amount.
themightyindividual says2015-05-04T12:26:53.9523365-05:00
If the government is going to take money from some people and give money to others, that is not equal treatment.
triangle.128k says2015-05-04T15:43:14.4357349-05:00
The really rich people gain most money from shares and investments rather than income. A progressive tax is simply too corrupt. A flat tax is much simpler and better.

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