Florida places a ban on feeding the homeless. Is this ethical?

Posted by: blackkid

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carriead20 says2014-11-07T15:58:39.7553027-06:00
You get jail time and a $500 fine if you do.
donald.keller says2014-11-07T17:00:39.9122027-06:00
I don't know the details. Maybe it was right, maybe it was wrong. We also base our opinions on an overly simplified version of events, leaving out context that tell the real story.
kasmic says2014-11-07T17:24:52.6607379-06:00
@donald.Keller. I agree. Then Again I tend to follow Teleological theories of ethics. That is that details and circumstances as well as outcomes are what determine the morality of an action. It would seem that some who have voted feel deontolgicaly about feeding the homeless.

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