• Football

  • Soccer

59% 10 votes
41% 7 votes
  • Best sport in the world! It is called football in the UK, where I reside :-)

  • Soccer can be played in any climate any where anytime. Football requires 1 weather 2 an vascular ball 3 touch line as well as that big yellow thing. Soccer requires a ball which can be something as simple as a bouncy ball and 4 markers for the net which can be shirts (subject to climate) or sweaters (also subject to climate) :)

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scots says2014-04-17T12:59:21.7942827-05:00
On the left is not football
Cat_Lover says2014-04-17T14:12:35.1100448-05:00
dubby says2016-02-02T04:23:47.1595045Z
I pick both. Football or "Soccer" as the U.S. calls it is the most famous and highly rated on Earth. P.S. American Football is becoming a wimpy sport with all its protection to the body and protection rules. My opinion is that Football (Soccer in America) is way more aggressive and competitive.
dubby says2016-02-02T04:25:33.8028007Z
Better to watch, better to play, and better competiton and way more aggressive than Football...Go Soccer (the real Football).

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