For Conservatives Only. If you knew Obama would remain the president for the next 100 years, would you rather let him stay, or save a fetus?

Posted by: Mikal

Title says it. If you could only pick one, which one would you let happen? Kick Obama out so he is not in office forever or save that baby?

  • Abort the Baby

  • Get Obama out

15% 3 votes
85% 17 votes
  • Obama let our soldiers in Benghazi die. They asked for help, but he ignored it. He also spied on Americans. I don't approve of what Snowden did, but Obama's MUCH more of a traitor. He's also using the IRS to target conservatives.

  • I'm going to say this, because when he is out of office the next "Conservative" President will abolish all what Obama put in place. So aborting a baby would be illegal. So my decision, Obama goes. Once Obama is gone then everything goes back to normal. By the way, you didn't trip us Conservatives one bit. Try a little harder next time.

    Posted by: leojm
  • Nice trick. I would never abort a baby and I would love for Obama to leave office.

  • I don't like Obama, but abortion is immoral.

  • Get Obama out, if he stays, more than just that one baby will be aborted.

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imabench says2013-09-03T19:08:07.4859582-05:00
Oh this is just evil.... I love it >:)
Mikal says2013-09-03T19:09:04.2771498-05:00
Lol xD
Mikal says2013-09-03T19:09:04.8075600-05:00
Lol xD
Mikal says2013-09-03T19:46:15.3540543-05:00
No body even noticed how I worded this lol, i'm loling so hard
leojm says2013-09-03T19:46:44.1879581-05:00
Not really, it's a simple decision. One goes out the other survives. Simple as duck soup.
Mikal says2013-09-03T19:47:32.4867965-05:00
I made you abort the baby in both cases lol, xD
Mikal says2013-09-03T19:47:32.5599390-05:00
I made you abort the baby in both cases lol, xD
Mikal says2013-09-03T19:56:43.1101263-05:00
Obama did not make abortion legal lol. No one president could make it objectively illegal either. 99 percent chance that will always be handled by the state, especially with the decline of conservatism in the past 2 elections. They have to re-work their entire platform or there wont even be one to make it to office.

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