For the people that are running for the presidential election read the description.

Posted by: reece

Can you all place your political stances (by typing and/or URL) where your names are listed please. Noncandidates can you wait on commenting until the candidates have.

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PetersSmith says2015-06-02T22:08:34.3255912-05:00
Debatability/Thett3 are running.
reece says2015-06-02T22:08:43.1085601-05:00
Let me know if i missed anyone out.
reece says2015-06-02T22:09:37.2728017-05:00
@PetersSmith thanks.
reece says2015-06-02T22:14:17.2585418-05:00
Just to be clear, Noncandidates can still vote. Just don't comment.
UtherPenguin says2015-06-02T22:23:25.2402098-05:00
Were you asking about our political views in general?(Like what side of the political spectrum) or were you asking about our views on various political issues (like the ones on the "Big Issues" page)
reece says2015-06-02T22:24:36.2134301-05:00
@UtherPenguin What ever you think is best. ;)
reece says2015-06-02T22:32:20.2153307-05:00
Both would be good. Just give an over all sammery about yourself and how you'd run DDO.
UtherPenguin says2015-06-02T22:39:26.3620066-05:00
Views: Islamist, and on the Far-Left (Only in the Economic sense). I agree with most policies by Social democrats (as long as they are compatible with Islamism). However I am Pro-Life. How I'd run the site: I honestly doubt anyone would vote for me, but if that does happen, then I'd probably just be a yes-man for Airmax. However, I would probably aim for a stricter moderation of the polls and opinions section (specifically for biased polls.) Troll polls are okay as long as they do not call-out other users, insight hatred etc.
Varrack says2015-06-02T22:41:12.0859720-05:00
What is Islamism?
reece says2015-06-02T22:41:39.0336657-05:00
@UtherPenguin that's good but now can you copy and paste it in your comment/vote box?
UtherPenguin says2015-06-02T22:43:55.5969682-05:00
@Varrack Basically Islamic law, or Islamic theocracy
reece says2015-06-02T22:44:45.7572547-05:00
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-06-02T23:32:48.6658096-05:00
Thett3 is Liz's vice president, not an independent candidate. Also, Mirza is running with his Sirs and Ma'ams thing.
hect says2015-06-02T23:39:38.6270719-05:00
How do you run for presidential election?
hect says2015-06-02T23:48:57.3954696-05:00
Never mind
Forthelulz says2015-06-03T03:09:39.4067709-05:00
Debatability seems nice...

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