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Benshapiro says2013-09-03T20:58:54.5926842-05:00
Chevy runs deep
leojm says2013-09-03T21:12:06.6355155-05:00
Yeah into the ground. Lol
poonskie says2013-10-21T18:28:17.5384926-05:00
Lol you made a funny
poonskie says2013-10-21T18:28:17.6164926-05:00
Lol you made a funny
poonskie says2013-10-21T18:28:19.5664926-05:00
Lol you made a funny
poonskie says2013-10-21T18:28:20.5648926-05:00
Lol you made a funny
poonskie says2013-10-21T18:28:37.3292036-05:00
Lol you made a funny
poonskie says2013-10-21T18:28:45.1605040-05:00
Lol you made a funny
351ClevelandSteamer says2013-11-21T19:43:09.7846745-06:00
Gt40. Period
351ClevelandSteamer says2013-11-21T19:43:20.9183958-06:00
Gt40. Period
351ClevelandSteamer says2013-11-21T19:43:21.3551958-06:00
Gt40. Period
351ClevelandSteamer says2013-11-21T19:43:22.0883958-06:00
Gt40. Period
Death_Angel3495 says2013-11-22T09:26:32.7940435-06:00
Fords built tough
Death_Angel3495 says2013-11-22T09:26:41.7953012-06:00
Fords built tough
Impact94 says2014-02-16T22:36:05.5423517-06:00
Judging by the picture of the sporty ford above the casual chevy in the voting bars, I am sensing some underlying bias from the creator of this poll... X)
BigMack13 says2014-02-22T10:45:00.8440968-06:00
I do not see many old Fords driving around here. Also, just to make it clear, I have a question: Which brand no matter what type of vehicle gets more miles put on them?
ApologeticGuy says2014-09-08T17:26:42.3952157-05:00
You poor unenlightened Chevy lovers. No mustangs. Life would be rough.
rbett says2014-12-08T11:56:39.4563604-06:00
Ford stands for found along side the road side dead.
joshua_stucki says2015-02-13T23:35:39.1873317-06:00
I've owned lots of both and the Ford's have been consistently more reliable and equally cheap and easy to repair. Not to mention used Ford's are the cheapest cars out there, and assuming you are willing to put a few hundred into repairs from the onset, I have found great bargains over the year. I've got 3 Ford's now, all reliable, good 15+ year old cars.
Andy577 says2015-02-17T12:56:17.7775485-06:00
My dads ford ranger has more miles than any chevy's i've seen.
Camolicious223 says2015-03-18T13:40:14.7670700-05:00
Anyone who chooses either of these is too stupid to realize that it doesn't matter. First off, the half ton toyota tundra has a better towing capacity, better transmission and general warranty, and is built more so in America than any for or chevy, the only difference is that the revenue goes to Japanese economy. Also, I have personally owned a shevy silverado, and a for f150, and neither of them last nearly as long as my tundra, and I work in the woods a lot, so I beat my trucks. Those trucks are pretty, but useless, just like most of the owners.
arhodes_99 says2015-11-12T18:39:48.6635934Z
Ford baby.
TannerHo21 says2015-12-01T15:56:50.1226904Z
Ford are built tougher then Chevy
CFurch835 says2015-12-14T02:43:31.5563825Z
Ford. Ford all the way, nice mustangs, got my eye on a nice 2013 Mustang GT Premium. Chevy bleh. Shitty.
PoeDameron26 says2016-05-10T16:12:55.2976046Z
Ford is Coming Out with a new GT! Boom!
aaltman says2016-09-23T20:13:49.2434856Z
Both companies have a very long history of being rivals, and believe me, they both have made great cars in the years, but I chose ford because of their reputation, along with style. To be Ferrari at Le Mans, and not even with another European car company, but with their own Ford Gt, is pretty awesome.
bk15 says2017-02-06T16:15:59.0746712Z
Chevy is the best
Robert6 says2019-07-09T02:37:19.7079059Z
Chevy is better

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