Fortnite Addiction

Posted by: EddieArgues710

Is Fortnite Addictions getting out of hand?

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Yes, Extremely

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No, Not at all

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EddieArgues710 says2018-12-13T22:04:04.6752268Z
I personally think people are obsessed with a game that isn't that good.
thunderbullYT says2018-12-14T01:12:06.2379208Z
Fortnite is a game and if played too much or too often it can become an addiction but play it properly and It can benefit you
dickpenis says2018-12-14T14:26:06.7429726Z
I have seen people playing these shit games for a long time. But then there is fortnite. Just fortnite. I don't understand why crappy 10 year olds are playing this game. Why is this game so fun? It's just a grind. Here's something that a lot of people will disagree with. Shooting games suck ass. Fortnite isn't any better and it's exposing 10 and under year old children to violence. Parents, Is this how you want your kid growing up? Exposed to blood violence? Moms, Dads, Guardians please monitor your children.
YeetSkeet says2018-12-30T18:16:36.8697505Z
@dickpenis Blood violence? Seriously? Fortnite is one of the most tame games in terms of violence. Have you seen games such as God of War? Manhunt? Basically any other shooter game? Also I do not believe that exposure to violence in video games cause violence in children. That's just parent propaganda. But I do believe Fortnite is not a good enough game to get this much fame
alitar says2018-12-30T18:23:05.0233029Z
For the last time video game violence doesn't make people violent. Do you really think kids are that easly programed?
MrPanda40812 says2019-01-23T22:10:14.4110395Z
In an article by PsychGuides. Com called "Signs and Symptoms of Video Game Addictions - Causes and Effects", It states "One of the main reasons that video games can become so addictive, However, Is they are designed to be that way. " Problem solved.
Jerry_The_Killer says2019-02-06T16:05:24.0169724Z
It not even that good

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