Fortnite Or Player Unknowns Battle Grounds(Pubg)

Posted by: Bigdawg8404

  • Fortnite

  • Pubg

62% 34 votes
38% 21 votes
  • It has building love the cartoon style and the weapons are very cool.

  • For the first part, Fortnite is free. Many children over the world don't need money to get it and they don't need money to enhance their experience. There are also a variety of ways you can spend your money if you do spend it as well, Using their premium currency vbucks you can buy skins that are cosmetic (if you like that) and spend it on their campaign save the world which has an entirely different experience to fortnite and should have more buyers. Even then their premium currency can also be acquired through mad grinding and can then be used to buy the premium version of fortnite battle royale.

  • First, It's free. Second, I really, REALLY enjoy the animated graphics. Third, It's different from normal Battle Royale games. It offers building.

  • Fortnite may be a lot like PubG however it is much better executed. This game is constantly receiving updates and always adding new things to the game even though it is still just a beta, Also Fortnite is very friendly to female gamers like me, A lot of the skins and emotes are dedicated to female gamers which to me is very important seems how i get bullied for being a female gamer.

  • cuz its lit but sorta ded but its fun to watch pros to troll noobs and get 200 iq plays when ur a noob and all u do is play. Io games so yeh

  • pubg is dead

  • Fortnut gud

    Posted by: opm
  • season 6 bois

  • while fortnite may have used the same theme of battle royale as pubg, It is a completely different game. Its free, Its skin system is simple, Its cartoony look makes it less graphicly intensive, Therefore leaving it open to moore of the market.

  • its just more fun and entertaining

  • Fortnite is less violent, It is less glitchy, Looks better and you can build which helps creativity.

  • it is alot more original constantly coming out with new weapons and items to make the game more interesting

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zdfjkg says2018-08-29T23:14:15.5044689Z
PUBG is for Pusillanimous, Unpasteurized, Burglarious, And Gynandromorphous people. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍒🍒🥜🍌💕💖🎉🤢🎁🥟🥐🍔🍟
opm says2018-09-26T19:28:26.6798625Z
Fortnut gud
Dalerius says2019-03-13T19:34:32.2024118Z
Fortnut can suck my dick.

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