Fox News vs. MSNBC: Who's more biased?

Which major news station is more biased: Fox News or MSNBC?

  • Fox News

  • Msnbc

53% 19 votes
47% 17 votes
  • MSNBC offers a mix of left and right. MSNBC's evening programs are famously to the left. However MSNBC morning programs are definitely right leaning, and its afternoon programs are fairly well-balanced. I bet most people voting here don't realize this about MSNBC. On the other hand, as a simple matter of fact, FOX is ALL right wing, ALL the time. Overall, FOX is hands-down more biased than MSNBC

  • Fox News propaganda machine feeds red meat to older, white people, people who "know" that things were better back in '57. These anchors on progress instinctively are against change of any kind, and anything that supports old ideas, and even dead ideas are exactly what they crave and what they get from Faux news. MSNBC has mostly liberal-leaning guests and hosts, but there is a noticeable pushback provided by guests representing conservative views. MSNBC hosts seem far more intelligent and verbal than the every-day-blondes on Fox.

  • Fox News brings propaganda and backward guests under the idea "informed news", anyone that has some intelligence is often cut off before they can put in. MSNBC is basically like Fox News but very very liberal and has ..... hosts with a tad of schadenfreude. Basically, unlike Fox News they haven't dug a trench too deep or basically haven't done half the bad things fox did. MSNBC is bad, but can easily go to being news.

  • Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox, recently admitted in the BBC documentary about his father "Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went to war " that like his father he likes to influence govertments. He boasted that has done it better and for longer than his father. He firmly believes in spreading his own views through his media channels. He happens to be very right wing. Let there be no doubt about this. Just google some of his comments on current affairs. Like his tweet on all Moslems after the Paris terrorist attacks. So put 2 and 2 together. Rupert Murdoch believes in using all tools at his disposal to spread his right wing views and Fox news is one of his such tools. The outcome is no surprise.

  • just look at the guests they bring on. morning joe and the daily rundown are generally fair but once you get to now with alex wagner its almost entirely democrat guests. on the ed show its all democrat. never saw a republican on there. on fox news the guests are fair but the hosts are all conservative just like msnbcs hosts are all liberal except for scarborough and for fox bob beckel. that being said msnbc is more biased

  • Most of the important news stories never get reported because they are so biased.

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