• Free will

  • Determinism

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35% 7 votes
  • While our actions may be influenced by external factors, we still have a choice.

  • free will and determinism appear to both be real. But how free we are in a semi-deterministic universe is where the real argument lies. I'm not all that convinced that free will makes much of a difference in some interactions; in others, I think it makes an enormous difference.

  • Human beings are so complex that chaos theory leads me to believe that people are only .00001% controlled by fate.

  • Determinism is completely unpredictable & can be easily affected, so free will must be assumed.

  • To some extent i believe both but it is kind of more free will.

  • There are causes and effects. Free will is in the same category as miracles, luck, absolute randomness, god(s), etc. They accumulate from ignorance.

    Posted by: reece
  • I'd say a bit of both, but at the end of the day, we have to listen to Heaven's orders.

  • I believe there is determinism, however we still have free will. Here is why. There is cause and effect in this universe. We are part of that long chain of cause and effect.We still choose are paths, but God already knows which paths we are to choose.

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reece says2015-08-06T20:31:06.3978071Z
@ladiesman external and internal. It's a binary system. Your not only yourself, but also your environment.
ladiesman says2015-08-06T20:51:04.3984942Z
@reece I agree that our environment does play a role in the choices we make, but whatever choice one makes, he/she has still made it. We have the innate freedom to choose in spite of external pressures.
reece says2015-08-06T20:52:11.8261210Z
@ladiesman I said external and internal.
ladiesman says2015-08-06T20:53:15.5681296Z
@reece What are you saying?
reece says2015-08-06T20:57:52.2047029Z
@ladiesman Internal being memory's, intelligence, genetics, potential diseases, how fit you are, etc, etc, etc. All things that you can think off plus more.
reece says2015-08-06T20:57:59.4431493Z
reece says2015-08-06T20:59:16.0552404Z
Saying there is free will, is the same as saying there isn't a cause.
reece says2015-08-06T21:01:23.5548577Z
Or causes.
ladiesman says2015-08-06T21:03:10.5080223Z
So you're saying there's a combination of free will and determinism?
reece says2015-08-06T21:06:41.6720969Z
@ladiesman No, i'm saying there is only determinism. You can only have free will if there wasn't any causes to the thought. But without cause there is no effect. Cause and effect are Deterministic.
reece says2015-08-06T21:14:35.6234985Z
The more complex something is, the more random it seems. The human brain is complex, but it still runs by the universe.
Greg4586 says2015-08-06T22:34:40.6402707Z
"Even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there."-Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of being a Wallflower
reece says2015-08-06T22:43:45.9105660Z
@Greg4586 The past dictates who you are. That sentence you just read is in the past and without it these thoughts that you're experiencing now wouldn't be popping in your head. There is a delay between experience and comprehension.
reece says2015-08-16T03:44:32.8653087Z
@themightyindividual What? Chaos theory is about how things can be so complex (chaotic) that it gives the illusion of randomness, freewill, etc.
IDontKnowHowToCallMyself says2016-01-06T06:44:26.6119893Z
You have free will just not the way many people think they do, i believe the universe is not deterministic but at the same time i do not believe in free will the way people state it. I see it like this, you are your brain and the things that happened before can not be changed under the same circumstances under which they happened. When i say you are your brain i mean it like this, you are still responsible for things you do and saying it could not of been different tho it is true it is not fully true the way many people look at it because by that standard somebody could kill 20 people and say it could of not been different and while that is true it is still not an excuse or anything like that. People still chose because they are their brain, excuse i have a bad brain is the same as have a bad soul. Many people think that this is all a bad thing but it is not. You are your brain and you are not doing anything against your will. You are your brain and everybody is responsible for things they do in life except if they are mentally deranged and mentally ill and they do things against their free will. So as i said everybody is their own brain and normal people are responsible for the things they do no matter if the things they do are good or bad, everybody is responsible for their actions. Good people deserve to be praised and bad punished but also we should try to change bad into good. Everybody is their own brain and everybody is responsible for the things they do no matter if the things they do are good or bad, everybody is responsible for their actions.

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