French Presidential Election

Posted by: emporer1

Choose your Candidate, of the two front runners.

  • Francois Fillion

  • Marine Le Pen

55% 6 votes
45% 5 votes
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BrendanD19 says2016-11-30T14:33:03.9753257Z
Jean Luc Melenchon
Capitalistslave says2016-12-01T01:34:06.6010796Z
You only offer two right-wing candidates. That is lame. I'd vote for Philippe Poutou if I was in France
emporer1 says2016-12-01T01:55:49.9575343Z
I offered two right win candidates because two right wing candidates are the front runners.
MHHSmustangs says2016-12-02T05:24:33.7654032Z
More moderate so Francois Filion

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