Frozen or Lion King

Posted by: graceafur

Which do you think had a bigger impact, deep plot, and well-developed characters?

45 Total Votes

Yes, I think Lion King was an overall better film!

36 votes

Yes, I think Frozen was an overall better film!

9 votes
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briantheliberal says2015-04-07T21:17:52.6945123-05:00
I hate Frozen. Such an overrated movie.
reece says2015-04-07T22:40:51.7351481-05:00
@retrogamer176 Don't worry, Brian and i have been disagreeing lately too. :(
briantheliberal says2015-04-08T01:52:23.7779029-05:00
I guess we all have different tastes in certain areas, we're all still pretty solid politically and I guess that's what matters most.
GabeLipworth says2015-04-08T05:37:26.7473896-05:00
Lion King is so much better! I love all the African culture and music in it!
CommunistDog says2015-04-08T06:44:44.4860088-05:00
I feel that overall, Frozen has the most moral values but I feel that the Lion King clings onto one of the most important moral values that a Disney movie has shown; the importance of family and togetherness.
shaancl_716 says2015-04-08T09:13:33.2858466-05:00
I hated the Lion King...
21MolonLabe says2015-04-08T13:43:53.7354050-05:00
Awaits imabench's response.
benhos says2015-04-08T15:26:44.0849154-05:00
@21MolonLabe I know, right?!
sque132 says2015-04-15T13:04:30.8146368-05:00
Come on if "let it go" wasn't in it do you honestly think it would be talked about so much? I think NOT!

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