Future of U.S. aid to Israel?

Posted by: Purpleelephant66

Should the U.S. continue to support Israel in every way it can? (Please provide reason!!!!)

  • Of course! Israel and America should stay close and America needs to do whatever it takes to help Israel!

  • No! America needs to do more to help the Palestinians! We need to decrease our aid to Israel.

52% 11 votes
48% 10 votes
  • They have 22 Arab states that oppose them and want them wiped off the planet. They also have a similar gov't to the US and share the same interests, so yeah we should help them.

  • Israel is a valuable ally in the Mid-East.

  • America should really help out more with Israel. I was actually born in Israel.

  • Israel has been the strongest US ally in the middle east since the founding of the country. They have supported us in nearly all are foreign endeavors and in the UN. What has Palestine ever done for us?

  • We should try to assist both countries while also trying to reform both of them. The Hamas need to be kicked out of power and Isreal needs to do more to stop the illegal settlements.

  • Screw them man. The whole middle east is a dump, israel NOT excluded

  • For how much we do for them, I say they give us back about 20% of what we do. Seriously cut foreign aid, and use that money to help us. Israel can fight Palestine by itself.

  • Israel took land from them, and tries to occupy the little they have left. Israel violated several laws put in place by the UN

    Posted by: basils
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tajshar2k says2015-06-10T19:03:22.9568242-05:00
Benjamin and his Likud Party are not making the Palestine situation any better. Tit for tat ain't going to solve anything.
Texas14 says2015-06-10T20:14:06.6672430-05:00
Somewhere in between. Side with Israel but cut all foreign aid.
Najs says2015-06-11T00:16:37.5194617-05:00
Only if they help the Beta Israel.
basils says2015-06-11T01:15:02.6885232-05:00
How about we just leave?
58539672 says2015-06-14T13:09:43.0254081-05:00
Benjamin does not want peace, he wants security for Israel. He does not care if a solution is made in regards to the Palestinians, he just wants his people to live without fear of being attacked. If he has to turn the West Bank and Gaza Strip into a glorified prison to do it, he will. And now that that distinction is made, can anyone really blame him for it? What would you do in his shoes?

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