Galaxy S4 or the Iphone 5?

Posted by: TUF

Which is better?

  • Galaxy S4

  • Iphone 5

56% 18 votes
44% 14 votes
  • Played with both, finally bought the S4

    Posted by: TUF
  • You can actually tinker with Androids, and Google will be cool with that. Do that to an Apple phone, the guys there will flip out.

    Posted by: wn
  • putting an "i" in front of things to make them sound cool is so 2000's. Come on and get with the 2010's.

    Posted by: slo1
  • Always been an Apple fan, and for me iPhone 5 fit in better with my "Apple device network," if you will. Plus, I think the iPhone 5 is just a generally better product.

  • My first phone. I still love it even though it's crap.

    Posted by: leojm
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