Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Posted by: wolf902

Gandalf vs Dumbledore by Wolf902

  • Gandalf the Grey

  • Professor Albus Dumbledore

74% 17 votes
26% 6 votes
  • tch lord of the rings all the way

  • Gandalf isn't even human. He is part of an immortal race called the Istari which are loosely based on angels, among other things. Gandalf would annihilate poor Dumbledore, assuming that had any reason to fight.

  • Gandalf is superior in almost every way. Dumbledore gives into the temptation of a magical ring, Gandalf resists. Dumbledore has a magic wand. Gandalf has a staff. Dumbledore is a human wizard. Gandalf is a humanlike being, practically immortal, and one of the 4 most powerful wizards in his realm. Finally, Gandalf would win, because Dumbledore would not be motivated to kill. Gandalf has killed thousands, between the usage of magic and Glamdring, the enchanted Elvish sword that kills orcs by the dozens. I like Dumbledore, but Gandalf takes the W.

  • i prefer gandalf.

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madness says2014-06-03T07:55:46.1778292-05:00
Dumbledore died. That's the end of him. Gandalfs somewhat died, and came back more powerful. Who killed Balrog? Nuff sed
NoahCarp says2014-06-03T08:33:46.5890084-05:00
No way Dumbledore is so much better he can cast infinite spells at will.
wolf902 says2014-06-03T09:32:32.6671334-05:00
When gandalf dies he becomes stronger!

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