Gasoline, electric or steam powerd vehicles

Posted by: Spem_Redudit

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Steam engine

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benhos says2016-09-28T22:02:09.0252204Z
I'll vote electric once they find a way for the batteries to hold more, it would be a huge waste of time to charge for several hours every 200-ish miles. Till then, I think steam engines would be worth investing in, considering climate change. But, with that comes the burden of having to construct dozens of desalinization plants.
sadolite says2016-09-29T21:59:21.4012309Z
Electric cars are lame, they are for people who don't care about what they drive but are only interested in getting from point a to point b. Car people will never be sold on electric cars. Electric cars are for people who don't know anything about cars and how they work. The ultimate boring car to the car enthusiast. Id rather have a steam powered car, at least you can tinker with it.
bayleighbalucek says2017-09-07T19:53:43.9860319Z
I would vote gasoline because they are much better and they've been around longer. They can travel several hundred miles before filling up and they only take a few minutes to fill up. Electric vehicles can probably only travel a few hundred miles before needing charges and they need several hours to charge their batteries.

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