Gay marriage or civil unions?

Should homosexual couples have the right to marry, or should they instead form civil unions?

  • Gay Marriage

  • Civil Unions

72% 131 votes
28% 50 votes
  • Civil unions are a form of SEGREGATION. This is another case of "separate but equal". Homosexuals and heterosexuals deserve the exact same rights and privileges.

  • why not its not going to affect my life, but it might make someone Else's happier

  • Gay marriage? Why not? I want to be able to live in a world that doesn't discriminate because of what gender you are attracted to.

  • Why not legalize it? Will it change anything to heterosexuals? No. Love is love, and everyone deserves to have the same privileges as equals.

    Posted by: Jalex
  • Marriage is showing love. Live is love

  • By calling it something other than marriage, we are saying that it is something completely other than marriage, which is discrimination.

  • I personally think that no one should have this marriage, just a civil union with the benefits. But as long as heterosexuals can be married, it is discrimination if homosexuals cannot.

  • lo

  • Two people being in love and getting married should be a right that every human being has, regardless of gender. Love is love.

  • Bigots need to stfu

  • It is totally fine to be gay and anyone who would wish to inhibit two people from marrying when they are in love, are just flat out evil.

  • It's rude and disrespectful to people of other cultures and beliefs to deny them things based off of your religion. It's okay to have a religion but when you're out protesting something that is a political thing(for some reason) with your clouded thoughts on what your holy book says that is wrong.

  • well civilly united sounds too dull. you should be loud and proud. it's as simple as that.

  • How are two people of the same gender getting two rings and a slip of paper affecting your life?! And I love how homophobes have an unwarranted interest in the sexual activity of gays then claim gays are the perverts XD

  • All love is equal

  • Marriage should be about who you love. The world is changing blacks were accepted into our community and it's against the law. For segregation so gays shouldn't be any different we are all human. Not Aliens

  • If someone wants to marry some one they love then they should have the right. If you want less devolves the. LET HOMOSEXUALS MARRY! In Massachusetts, once they allowed gay marriage they had lowered their de force rates by 21%.

  • Homosexuals are people as well. If you are willing to take away someone's chance at love then yours should be too. The fact that people believe they are better than others because they are straight and do not have attractions to the same sex is very frustrating. we are the same as you so calm down and get over yourself; period!

  • I honestly feel that it is only fair to allow them to marry. If a heterosexual couple can marry then a homosexual couple should be allowed to marry. We are all human beings and we should be able to marry whoever we like whether it is a man or a woman

  • Merriam Webster Dictionary: (1) : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage <same-sex marriage. There is no reason why there should be controversy over this when its a basic human rights.

    Posted by: TGTF
  • How would the world continue if we had gay marriage put it in the wrong one

  • I am a christian and I don't believe in gay marriage, but even in the dictionary it says marriage is in between man and woman or woman and man don't want to sound sexist

  • I picked Gay Marriage - but that is not what it should be called. It's just "marriage". That's it. I deserve the same rights as a taxpaying citizen as my heterosexual counterparts. My ten-year relationship has virtually no effect on anyone else.

  • Civil Unions sound cold and harsh. No love at all. Why shouldn't those who love another be able to cherish a day, such a marriage. People who are against same sex marriage are selfish, in my opinion. I think this because why should they have a say on someone elses happiness? Why? They shouldn't. But they do. It's right, not wrong. To all those who use the Bible as an excuse to hate: get a grip; if you're going to follow the Bible, follow it down to EVERY LAST WORD!

  • Personally, I think it should just be marriage, not gay marriage just marriage.

  • People who weren't gay before will not magically become gay. It will not corrupt youth any more than the lyrics of the latest profanity-filled rap song. It will not effect straight people at all. In the words of the Beetles "Let it be"

  • The definition of Marriage used to be between one white man and one white women or one black man and on black women. It's morally disgraceful to take away the right of a couple just because you are not in agreement to what they do in their private homes. That's a horrible reason for dismantling another humans right. Marriage is for everyone not just one specific group.

  • Marriage in the state doesn't have anything to do with religion-so why deny a happy couple the chance to profess their love?

  • It says nowhere in the constitution that one man shouldn't marry another, nor does it define who can marry who. Also people constantly say its a harm to religious freedom, they say that the law would force them too marry to gay or lesbian people. That's not true, there's no law that says in states with same sex marriage that you are forced to marry them, if you decline then you decline

  • *If people cannot be denied rights due to sex, how is sexual orientation any different? Everyone is equal, and people are free to like what they like. *Does not effect anyone's life- a marriage should be defined based on two people willing to love & support one another, and be faithful. Not gender. *It's the same thing just different naming. *Not everyone has the same religion therefore, government cannot make laws preventing people something just because another religion discourages it. *Government should not have the power to decide who can marry who & under what terms. Call it what you wish, but two gays professing their love to one another as "civil union" is the same as gay marriage. If you dont believe in gay marriage, why does it concern you? They are the ones doing it, their life their choices

  • I believe this option is more morally right.

  • Love is love! Who are we to say same-sex marriages should not be allowed. Marriage is special; it should be equal to everyone!

    Posted by: em2000
  • Second class citizens would be discriminatory

  • Why should Same-Sex Marriage be illegal? What right do people have to dictate whom people love? Being a homosexual male myself, I see no reason that people have the view of being able to make someone love another when they love someone else. I understand that in the religious point of view that Same-Sex Marriage can be wrong, but to deny the RIGHTS of a person who came to America to have these rights shows just how hypocritical the US can be. Ones who are against Same-Sex Marriage should put themselves into our shoes and walk our path of oppression for a little while and see the discomfort and irrational behavior given off by people who do not accept others for who they are. This is what America is all about, being free from torment or traditions, and being able to shape your life to how you see fit and not in the vision of how others see fit. The Supreme Court may have a say in the legalization of Same-Sex Marriage, but they will not have the last say in the matter. Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders will always fight for love with an iron fist and not one person or decision can keep us down. “This is to the LGBT, By the LGBT, and for the LGBT! Shall we forever find love no matter what form it takes!”

  • Gay marriage is not hurting anyone who is straight. If I see Joe walking down the street holding hands with Jan, I'm going to smile and be happy for them. They're not hurting anybody, and Joe and Jon holding hands and walking down the street is not going to be hurting anyone anymore than Joe and Jan. In response to civil unions they have certain restrictions like: Portability: Marriages are respected state to state for all purposes, but questions remain about how civil unions will be treated in other states since very few states have civil unions. Ending a Civil Union: If you are married, you can get divorced in any state in which you are a resident, provided that state recognizes the marriages of same-sex couples. But if states continue to disrespect civil unions, there is no way to end the relationship other than by establishing residency in a state that respects the civil union. Federal Benefits: According to a 1997 GAO report, civil marriage brings with it at least 1,138 legal protections and responsibilities from the federal government, including the right to take leave from work to care for a family member, the right to sponsor a spouse for immigration purposes, and Social Security survivor benefits that can make a difference between old age in poverty and old age in security. Civil unions bring few (if any) of these critical legal protections. Taxes & Public Benefits for the Family: Because the federal government does not respect civil unions, a couple with a civil union will be in a kind of limbo with regard to governmental functions performed by both state and federal governments, such as taxation, pension protections, provision of insurance for families, and means-tested programs like Medicaid. Even when states try to provide legal protections, they may be foreclosed from doing so in joint federal/state programs. Filling out forms: Every day, we fill out forms that ask us whether we are married or single. People joined in a civil union don’t fit into either category. People with civil unions should be able to identify themselves as a single family unit, but misrepresenting oneself on official documents can be considered fraud and carries potential serious criminal penalties. Separate & Unequal -- Second-Class Status: Even if there were no substantive differences in the way the law treated marriages and civil unions, the fact that a civil union remains a separate status just for gay people represents real and powerful inequality. We've been down this road before in this country and should not kid ourselves that a separate institution just for gay people is a just solution here either. Our constitution requires legal equality for all. Including gay and lesbian couples within existing marriage laws is the fairest and simplest thing to do.

  • Simply put: All human beings deserve to be treated equal under the law. All religious arguments against gay marriage are invalid because they violate the idea of not allowing religion to determine out laws.

  • I have several reason to think why I do , First is the obvious case that our country has a separation between the church and government. As such mariages should not be limited based just on religious objections. Next even though same sex couples can't reproduce (as of right now) however along that same roots straight couples whom are infertile or who don't want kids shouldn't be allowed to marry either. Lastly in the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia it was unanimously ruled that marriage a "basic civil right(s) of man" and as of May 21, 2012 the NAACP has publically confirmed same sex marriage as " one of the key civil rights struggles of our time"

  • Really, we are asking this question. All of you are shits, and if you think I would choose the other man you are stupid. They are married so let them live their lives.

  • Marriage is between a man and a woman. Not between a man and a man.

  • Marriage belongs to religion. You shouldn't tell them who to marry. If you want Civil Unions, go ahead. But leave Marriage alone.

  • Civil Unions are the same as gay marriage, just a different name, neither should be legal.

  • I fear that once you accept any form of marriage beyond the simple threshold of 'one man one woman', you could potentially open up the doors to more farcical marriage unions. That is not to say that gay marriage is farcical per se, but if you accept that any consenting adults who love each other should get married, then you risk more farcical forms of marriage, such as marrying objects, marrying oneself, and the marriage of multiple people. (i.e. 3 or 4 people being simultaneously married to each other). For me, removing the threshold of 'one man one woman' risks debasing marriage and making it become a farce. Civil unions, however, allow for practically all rights of marriage, without risking making marriage a farce.

  • i think, people who dont like gays are satans baby

  • Pray your gay away!

  • Homosexuality and transexuality is in itself a religion on it's own. To force this onto other beliefs and people that don't believe in it is wrong. Marriage is a long traditional practice from many cultures that is supposed to pertain to the union of a man and woman. It will be insulting to the beliefs of those that participate in the marriage such as wedding dress businesses, wedding planners, pastor, the parents of the ones to be united.

  • The heart of marriage is about more than just loving a partner, society created marriage for a few key purposes: to protect a woman's virtue and virginity, to make sure no children were born from incestuous Faith or interfaith relationships, and to make sex socially acceptable. Gay couples have no need for any of the aspects of marriage because: gay people do not lose their virginity,: no children can be born from and gay union, and out-of-wedlock gay sex is already viewed as acceptable in society.

  • Marriage is a religious convention. Not for the government.

    Posted by: IseWll
  • I have no problem with Gay people wanting to have same rights as married couples but they should call it a civil union due to religious beliefs.

  • It's a compromise. Gay couples can have all the benefits of married straight couples, and religious folk can keep their traditional definition of marriage. Everyone's happy.

  • Marriage is intended for the purpose of procreation. It is an agreement between a man and a woman to raise a family together. Without the intent of creating children there is no purpose for marriage. It is also the foundation of civilization. Without it, there will be a decline in the size of future generations. With this decline culture and civilization are lost.

    Posted by: pfunk
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Angel71501 says2013-11-13T11:11:51.7113603-06:00
I believe that Gay Marriage should be legalized everywhere, because what if a "gay" person were to become president? What if that person banned Civil Unions? What would all you hippocrates do then?
Joycea89 says2013-11-26T12:36:17.8536064-06:00
I agree good point
jenniadams says2014-01-14T22:31:52.6808473-06:00
I am all for LGBT rights and think that it is unconstitutional to deny anybody their rights because of their gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, etc.
JustAlfey says2014-01-28T20:01:58.4219396-06:00
Anyone who says it's a religious thing needs to get their facts straight. No religion owns marriage, because they didn't make it. It was implemented much before christianity and Judaism. It's an economic concept, not a religious one. Anyone who disagrees better go look it up themselves.
qwepoil says2014-01-29T10:51:03.2979586-06:00
Homosexuals are welcomed in many religions, including Judaism, some Christians, and , Abrahamic religions. Discriminating against religion is illegal, and if being a homosexual is okay in your religion, than it is part of your religion. If it is part of your religion, than if someone discriminates against you because you are a homosexual, that they are breaking the law.
greatman777 says2014-01-30T11:04:32.0329760-06:00
How come you can't respond to other peoples' comments with a reply button? Lol
greatman777 says2014-01-30T11:09:17.1382616-06:00
Saying that being gay is even in the same league as polygamy is igonorant. Marrying more than one person defeats the purpose of marriage to begin with. Marriage is to secure a bond between two people. And as for your incest argument that again makes you look ignorant. Because homosexuality does not fall under that category. It is obviously immoral to want to be with a family member. Homosexuals follow all five rules of consent. Polygamists defeat the purpose of marriage and incest is just.... Idek. But homosexuals don't generally try any of those things...
jeffersonnetwork1 says2014-02-03T08:48:54.4702050-06:00
The concept of " traditional marriage" being defined as one man and one woman is historically inaccurate. God doesnt judge us if we like the same sex, he acually supports us with whatever we do. Some people will make fun of you but everyone has their own opinon and thats their problem. People said it is unatural to like the same sex but its not like your the only one. There are many tv shows on TLC with gay people in it so america does indeed belive in it.
philly5969 says2014-03-25T11:18:28.4383585-05:00
Gay marrage is beautiful
pandamocastro92 says2014-05-12T17:18:31.5023108-05:00
What is marriage? Long term belief is man and woman. How does the govt view a joined couple? I believe marriage pertained only to church. Civil union speaks from govt. What does the couple want? Because homosexual will never equal heterosexual. Never, no matter how much you fight for it. I believe most homo'couples want the benefits that entail normal hetero civil unions. So can we conclude that they are fighting for a name, missing the complete point? If they do win marriage, then it'll just become homomarriage and heteromarriage. And then there's no changing that.
CGR says2014-05-18T08:59:56.2773915-05:00
It is not wrong because if heterosexual couple can get marries why can homosexuals.Not be allowed that is like saying that gays are outcasts and there not they have just as many rights as we do.If we want to keep them from something that should be a right that they have.Just think this is not going to keep gays from being gay.We may be able to take away their marriage rights but their will and will always be gay.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-14T10:23:26.6158456-05:00
One of the biggest misconceptions of today is that if you disagree with gay rights you either hate gays or fear them. I disagree and don't hate or fear anyone. It's ridiculous how gays ask for compassion and them turn around and berate Christians, gun owners and especially republicans. You cannot say I'm forcing my beliefs down your throat when you're doing the same to me. Did you know that a recent poll showed that the only acceptable group to make fun of anymore is Republicans. You ask for grace but preach damnation
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-14T11:33:14.6679632-05:00
If you disagree with rights for any marginalized group, you are exhibiting your dehumanized view of that marginalized group. It may not be active hate, but it is outright bigotry.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-14T11:35:29.5138186-05:00
You're projecting your own bigoted view of what gay people are. You claim they lash out at gun-owners, which is unfounded, as I am a gun owning bisexual with tons of gay friends. They do lash out at the GOP, but how can you blame them? The GOP actively wants to prevent them from having the same rights as the rest of the nation. The only Christians gays lash out toward are those who cherry pick from the old testament a few lines to justify their pre-existing bigotry.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-14T11:36:49.0280380-05:00
No one is forcing you to get married to a gay person. NO ONE IS FORCING THEIR VIEWS UPON YOU. Yet you want to force upon a secular nation, laws which illustrate only YOUR viewpoint. Which means you're forcing your views upon US.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-14T11:38:15.2191430-05:00
I notice you didn't provide a link to the obscure poll which says only the GOP is fair game for comedy now. Which is an idiotic claim to make. You preach damnation and ask for preferential treatment.
dominiquebarajas says2014-07-25T23:08:28.6104257-05:00
Gays do it better anyways.
whtttttttt says2014-11-21T21:41:18.0736676-06:00
I disagree with gay marriage because I have been born and raised in a family that doesn't agree with it. To me it just doesn't make sense. All the people that support it and aren't gay would never be gay because its not right. I don't hate them I'm sure they are nice people but i just don't agree with the moral values of it. #Ilove Jesus

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