• It should not be legalized

  • It should be legalized

32% 33 votes
68% 70 votes
  • I believe gay marriage should not be legalized. In fact i believe no marriage should be legal. Marriage should be a private arrangement between two consenting adults. Married people should not benefit, or suffer, from the governments meddling.

  • I believe in the majority of gay rights, with one exception. The reason I said no is because I don't believe in gay adoption. Gays are fine parents, my two uncles have two girls. However, they're not as good as a man and woman put together. One for emotional security, one for guidance. However detrimental, slightly, anything out of a nuclear family is still detrimental. They can have the tax breaks, they can have medical benefits, but they shouldn't have the kids. My cousins, as awesome as they are, are anything but competent because they were showered as princesses growing up.

    Posted by: JDuB
  • Dont pay attention to the signs in the picture thats not true he loves everyone but god put one man and one woman on the earth not 2 men or 2 women

    Posted by: Bubby
  • Not to be mean... We could be worrying about more then this at the moment. Also I am really just going with it I really am not TOTALLY FOR IT

  • Pretty sad that we can still discriminate against these people just because it's not our way of life.

  • What real argument does the government have against gay marriage besides that it goes against their religion. Yes country was founded on Christian principles but, this country was also set up to have freedom of religion. Until I hear an actually good argument for how this will effect the lives of everyone not just gay population I truly believe is topic is void.

  • Gay marriage isnt about the fact of gender being the opposite or the same. It should be determined by true love and how much the two support eachother. Not wether you're male or female.

  • Everyone should have the right to marry who ever they want

  • I don't understand the big deal about this. Why do people want to deny other people the right to be who they are and be with the person that they love, just because they are being themselves.

  • I really believe that SCOTUS has made the right decision this morning to LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE. I am shocked, however, to see that it was a 5-4 decision. Meaning it BARELY scathed through. I have read opinions on both sides and I stand very firmly on the FOR side. So far all the reasons that it shouldn't be legalized are very easily brushed away by counter arguments. 1: Saying that it shouldn't be because of GOD Church and State are separate 2: Because it's against nature and they can't naturally conceive Well, neither can barren women or men, so it should be illegal for them to marry too? 3: Because you don't believe in gay adoption Well woop-de-doo. It sure beats growing up in the foster care system. 4: Homosexuals aren't as good of parents Um. I'm sure being Homosexual parents is better than being crack head parents and abusive parents. Not saying that you can't be a combination of those things, but let's face it. A kid is gonna have a way better upbringing with two mothers or fathers that love it than a mother and father that doesn't. With all that said, its fine for people to still not want gay marriage or be against it. It's just not right for the government to say that gays can't have it.

    Posted by: jbug
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MassiveDump says2013-09-05T17:30:35.7006977-05:00
Dat picture tho 3:
MassiveDump says2013-09-05T17:48:45.5220554-05:00
>inb4 a bench falls on leo
Sitara says2013-09-05T17:55:45.8877392-05:00
Gays have rights, end of story.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-05T18:01:50.4944354-05:00
That's like saying it's okay if someone's black, but they shouldn't have rights.
Mikal says2013-09-05T19:16:12.5796144-05:00
Or its okay if you have a gun, but its not your right lol
leojm says2013-09-05T19:41:35.7558497-05:00
People do you know what a right is?
leojm says2013-09-05T19:42:13.2745712-05:00
Well they can have all the rights they want, but don't make it in OUR "Bill of Rights"
leojm says2013-09-05T19:43:10.5050064-05:00
You know what, I'm wasting my time here. Lol XD
leojm says2013-09-05T19:46:40.4921099-05:00
Can't look at the picture anymore. I gata go barf.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-05T20:21:26.3868123-05:00
Definitely wasting your time arguing that gay people shouldn't have rights.
Greematthew says2013-09-06T08:14:49.9121986-05:00
That picture made me chuckle lol.
laurenn says2013-11-09T22:42:42.5940000-06:00
God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! What is this world coming to????
Jingram994 says2013-11-09T22:58:11.4648000-06:00
If 'god' didn't want people to be that way, people wouldn't be that way. Sexuality isn't a 'choice', it's an entirely natural fact of the matter. Heterosexuality is not a magically different 'sort' of sexuality to homosexuality; it's a preference, in exactly the same manner, just with a different target. And, umm... Really? You actually used 'Adam and Steve' as part of an actual argument? ...Really? 'God' didn't 'make' anyone, so 'Adam & whoever' arguments are just irrelevant and stupid.

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