Gay rights or Christian/religeous rights in school?

Posted by: lacestudent

Should homosexual people have more rights in school than christians?

  • Gay people should have more rights

  • Christian/religious people should have rights

43% 9 votes
57% 12 votes
  • religious people already have rights in schools. i have done quiet a bit of research for a school project.

  • My school is full of Christians, Muslims and Jews who oppose Homosexuality religiously. there are only a couple homosexual students. Yet the school has a LGBT pride group and the rainbow flag is on posters all of our school frequently stating that homosexuality isn't a sin and that people in the school should support it. I (as a christian) am fine with people being homosexual but would appreciate if the homosexuals who like to flaunt their LGBT status and be "loud and proud" be homosexual and not talk about. Its not like I run around the school screaming its a sin to be gay and hanging crosses everywhere. I only have a problem with homosexuals who use their LGBT status to get attention and exaggerate their behavior for that reason. We can all accept each others beliefs better when we don't make a big deal out of them in a public school setting.

  • Putting religion aside, sexuality (of any type) has no belonging in a school building. It's just not the place for it. Acknowledging sexuality in school is mixing two aspects of our lives that should probably stay separate. People may say the same thing of religion, but I would argue that homosexuality is a only choice of attraction, while religion is a commitment to an entire lifestyle, and therefore should be allowed to spill over -- within reason -- into the school setting.

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reece says2016-03-10T12:59:02.4746841Z
Why would gay people have more rights? The right not to be discriminated?
reece says2016-03-10T13:01:09.5842989Z
Would Christians/religious people lose their "right" to discriminate?
Anonymous says2016-03-10T13:14:14.9713334Z
Would gays still have aids?
Anonymous says2016-03-10T13:15:38.5410691Z
Oh, sorry @reece I thought we were just spewing fallacies and nonsense.
peetaur says2016-03-12T00:42:09.3858251Z
Both are people, so both should have equal rights. (and always full separation of church and state) Why should anyone force anything on anyone? What good are rights if the establishment can selectively invade them based on the current political dogma?
benhos says2016-03-16T04:00:40.2717587Z
Everybody should have the same fundamental rights. Gays and Christians can all have the same rights. Christians should not have the right to discriminate against gays and gays should not have the right to discriminate against christians. Simple. If Christians feel like their rights are being taken away if they can't discriminate and be bigots and blame it on their religious beliefs, then they are not Christians, they're disgusting.

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