Gender Identity Disorder: is Transgenderism a Disease?

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Yes, Transgenderism is a disease.

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No, Transgenderism is not a disease.

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brinzahar says2017-01-12T12:13:33.4175677Z
No it is not. It is not a choice one makes either. Many that say it is either of those are either far right republicans, assholes, Christians, or a combination of those three. The problem with trans aren't the trans its the assholes around them, transgenders/gender queers/ transsexuals face discrimination, abuse, and hatred so much to the point that a trans person is 13 times more likely to attempt suicide over a cisgender person.
Anonymous says2017-01-12T15:40:51.3911677Z
@Brinzahar - With no offense to you, you're wrong. Do you realize that Transgender people are just as likely- according to you, thirteen times as likely- to commit suicide if they are accepted as such or not? According to science, there is literally not a single way to be transgender- no matter what, you'll still have those original chromosomes. This is not a matter of what religion you affiliate with, honestly, why don't you attack Muslims? Do you acknowledge that they literally stone gays?! If you don't mind, please cite your source as to when a queer was discriminated, abused, and hated SOOOOOO much in 2016-17. I thoroughly enjoy that Democrats are crusaders for science except when science is against their agenda.
Anonymous says2017-01-12T19:37:08.3591677Z
"By the picture of the "NO" selection you know that the one who posted this does not understand transgenders don't pick to be trans" What?! So, due to the fact that I decided to select a photograph of a well-known triggered feminist it is justifiable to dismiss my knowledge of this issue? How on earth does a photograph have any relevancy to an individuals knowledge on a subject? Brinzahar, just by assessing your patterns of speech in your response I can tell you are being hysterical! Now, if you could generously discontinue being a pretentious, condescending ignoramus by discontinuing these vulgar attacks- do!
brinzahar says2017-01-12T19:44:10.5731677Z
Well, that you know who she is, the fact that you put her as the no it isn't is a bit offensive to me. And yes there is plenty of science behind that someone who is trans is born that way the same way as they are born with their sexuality.
Anonymous says2017-01-12T19:49:50.6934051Z
Just because I know who she is, and that I chose her as the photograph for the response does not support your claim. Personally, Brinzahar,I couldn't care less that I offended you as I thought that photo worked perfectly well. In fact, it could be considered an accurate representation of your being offended. I could just as firmly declare there to be an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting my claim.
brinzahar says2017-01-12T19:59:32.9231677Z
Here are my sources in response to "cite your source as to when a queer was discriminated, abused, and hated SOOOOOO much in 2016-17": http://www.Hrc.Org/resources/violence-against-the-transgender-community-in-2016 http://www.Cnn.Com/2016/06/12/us/orlando-nightclub-shooting/ http://www.Foxnews.Com/us/2016/06/12/florida-authorities-say-multiple-people-have-been-shot-at-orlando-nightclub.Html godhatesfags.Com (This is the reason why I mentioned Christians not Muslims) http://www.Nytimes.Com/interactive/2016/06/16/us/hate-crimes-against-lgbt.Html https://www.Scientificamerican.Com/article/is-there-something-unique-about-the-transgender-brain/ Is that enough links for you to know that there are hate crimes towards transgenders in 2016-2017 first world countries @sciguy
Anonymous says2017-01-12T20:43:20.9508692Z
Let's dissect all of these links briefly, shall we? The first link that you selected was directed to HRC.Org. What I assumed by reference to it, Violence Against Transgenders..., I assumed it would discuss viable facts supporting your claim. However, when I entered the link all that it directed it me to was a bogus, irrelevant and outright cheeky charity for this 'cause'. The only thing on the page referencing Violence Against Transgenders were the large, black print Thon a white banner. The second and third link you presented correlated with one another so eloquently I just had to compliment how stunned I was by the information provided! By observing your rhetoric that Christian assholes discriminate and attack queers all the time I knew exactly what I would see- a practicing Christian killing gay. I kid, however, upon looking at these articles I only saw that a practicing follower of the religion of Islam and pledged member of ISIS DID, in fact, slaughter dozens of LGBTQ+ American Citizens. Oh, but he never did pledge to ISIS and was not Muslim, was he; https://www.Google.Com/urlsa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwirrIK1ub3RAhXDrlQKHWefBM8QFggcMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.Breitbart.Com%2Fmilo%2F2016%2F06%2F12%2Fleft-chose-islam-gays-now-100-people-killed-maimed-orlando%2F&usg=AFQjCNFVSCzXYuVGRyv4m_vtWLBkr2o3fQ&sig2=7xQd9j0larBrFa_n39xOhg The assessment I made from your fourth artical was convincing, I must say... You infered from your previous claim; ( mentioned previously) that Christians hate gays by using a link from the domestic organization westboro Babtist Church web page. Now, if we were to clarify that it also states in the bible that you shall love thy neighbor, not thy sin could we also acknowledge that this church disavows that holy declaration? If so, we could also clarify that, therefore, Christians do not hate gays, but love them. It is by this that I formally believe that your entire argument is a fallacy. My shortest critique is perhaps your most idiotic choice of citation. Your fifth link directed me to the New York Times, a very credible news source, which page was not found. Why? Because it is non-existent and was a lie. Your sixth and final link was the only one I found to have any meaning at all. I would have conceded partially, however, I would be contradicting myself by doing so due to my own link I previoused.
Anonymous says2017-01-13T00:58:47.4730318Z
@Backwards_Bishop - If we are to consider the definitions of Disease; a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury; and Disorder; A state of confusion; we immediately understand that both are the very similar. I meant what I said very well. I find your reason of decision a very sad cop-out.
brinzahar says2017-01-13T12:03:40.7925890Z
The fact that so many people find it as a disease is the problem. There are so many parents out there who think that having an LGBT child is worse than disowning their child, especially if they are religious.
brinzahar says2017-01-13T17:30:46.7149419Z
@Sciguy I am going to point out you saying that Christians don't hate gays they love them, there has been many times of families rejecting, disowning, or abusing their children because of their gender or sexual orientation. If you can find me websites abotu Muslim children in America being rejected by their families please leave a link since all I can find are Christian. Http://www.Rollingstone.Com/culture/features/the-forsaken-a-rising-number-of-homeless-gay-teens-are-being-cast-out-by-religious-families-20140903 http://www.Patheos.Com/blogs/camelswithhammers/2014/05/the-gay-enemy-threat-in-the-christian-home/
Anonymous says2017-01-13T18:32:42.9036369Z
@brinzahar - Out of the two links you presented, neither are credible sources. Whilst one is a radical-fundamentalist website, the other is a controversial, slanderous, and fake news site. The only thing that I found common in both of these BLOGS were this; the overwhelming ratio of teens running away from home. Is there a number of teens being "forced" out of their homes, yes. Is there a number of teens running away from their homes because their Parents don't like that their gay, yes. The assertion that Christians hate their children here is preposterous! You immediately assume that the entire percentage statistic originates from a religious home, an ignorant bias towards evangelicals. According to the National Conference of State Legislature (N.C.S.L.), 20 - 40% of runaways are of origin and identification with the LGBTQ sector. However, of that percentage nearly 75% of them are female. I think that your rigorous attempt to avoid the real reason these teens leave their homes is cowardice and brazen. You, Brinzahar, should be considering that these teens are not leaving their homes because of their sexuality, but, because of choice of leaving the home and their guardians willingness to deny their sexuality.
Anonymous says2017-01-13T18:38:12.1537419Z
This acrimonious lecture of Transgenderism has digressed to something that I hadn't wanted it to. Albeit, it should bring to light how inexperienced you are at debating. Oratory is an art difficult to be mastered.
brinzahar says2017-01-13T18:53:31.9020369Z
@Sciguy I said that it tends to be the christian families and the christian children experiencing these things, but not all Christians are against it, and my apologized to any peaceful Christians out there who thought that is what I meant, but I'm looking at statistics and citing my sources, @Sciguy You haven't shown anything to back up your opinions, so @Sciguy I think you are the one experienced, all you do is say how my information is a bunch a garbage but you don't show nay proof of how it is. Once again my beginning point was correct after all, you are against those who are transgender and feel like those who are are crazy.
Anonymous says2017-01-13T18:59:52.6165419Z
I've been backing my points with links, you have neglected to read them. Don't accuse me of not having links when you can see I have just enough to rebut your argument. Suffice to say, you're right, I'm experienced.
brinzahar says2017-01-13T19:04:04.2012369Z
Why do you think it is a disease @Sciguy? Has something traumatic in your life happened and now you hate trans? Or are you a radical right winger? Or are you using your religion to excuse you acting like a bigot?
Anonymous says2017-01-13T19:12:25.9249419Z
I clearly told you why it was a disease. I would actually like to recant that statement because there is no scientific evidence supporting that transgenderism exists or doesn't exist. You are merely assuming I hate transgenders and that is false. I am not a radical right-winger; I'm a moderate. Oh, good for you, you're calling me a bigot even though you have absolutely no reason to accuse me of being such a person. Also, I have never utilized my religion for political discourse because that would be ridiculous as I am non-practising.
brinzahar says2017-01-13T19:12:35.5345419Z
Why do you think it is a disease @Sciguy? Has something traumatic in your life happened and now you hate trans? I understand that you are Christian abut your religion doesn't give you an excuse to be an asshole. My family are all christian and I got two responses when I came out as bi, my dad was fine and said that it doesn't matter and then my mom threatened to send me to conversion therapy. As someone who is gender queer, I don't feel safe coming out to my own family. Tell me who is the one with the problem, me for being myself, or the ones that cause me to be scared of ripping my family apart because I don't want to come out as queer even to my parents. My extended family are right winged Catholic men, they use gay as a curse word and talk about how queers and trans need mental help, and you wonder why people get so triggered by this? It's because people are fed this thought down their throat for so long they start to believe it, they start to believe that there is something wrong with them and that they are worthless, hurt people snap eventually. Whether that is violent to others, violent to themselves, or in their words, people snap. And if people got that through their minds maybe we wouldn't have this problem. @Sciguy please tell me why you hate people like me?
Anonymous says2017-01-13T19:20:31.4784369Z
All of these ideas you have are purely subjective. If your family do not enjoy the fact that you are gay, that's fine. But, if they don't love you after you revealed to them that you are, they likely never loved you. Gender-queer? This idea that Gender-Theory is objectively linear to reality is false- it does not exist! Again, you assert that something traumatic occurred during my life that it explains the way I think. This is absurd. Again I say, I don't hate transgender people. If your a man and you want to be a woman, go ahead; you just need to understand that this is impossible for you will still have that Y chromosome.
Anonymous says2017-01-13T19:22:07.0284369Z
Will stop playing the professional victim.
Anonymous says2017-01-14T00:28:12.0469419Z
All you SJW's do is play the victim and act as if someone is hurting you. All you are doing is pushing this idea that I have been traumatized! Ridiculous, wrong and nonsensical troll mongering.
brinzahar says2017-01-14T18:11:14.4407404Z
Please explain to me what you mean that gender is false. Also saying you are born a woman and you will never have a y chromosome is just not true, as intersex can exhibit these as one may be born with a vagina and a y chromosome, though the sexual organs (vagina, uterus, ovaries, etc) won't work as if they did to someone born XX. There are also recorded natural changes of this occurring in the Dominican Republic. (http://www.Telegraph.Co.Uk/science/2016/03/12/the-astonishing-village-where-little-girls-turn-into-boys-aged-1/) The link will explain what happened to these pseudohermaphrodites and how common it really is there, as they fit into intersex as they are not born with working sexual organs but rather develop them during puberty.
Anonymous says2017-01-14T18:38:15.6675505Z
Please explain to me what you mean that gender is false. Also saying you are born a woman and you will never have a y chromosome is just not true, as intersex can exhibit these as one may be born with a vagina and a y chromosome, though the sexual organs (vagina, uterus, ovaries, etc) won't work as if they did to someone born XX. There are also recorded natural changes of this occurring in the Dominican Republic. (http://www.Telegraph.Co.Uk/science/2016/03/12/the-astonishing-village-where-little-girls-turn-into-boys-aged-1/) The link will explain what happened to these pseudohermaphrodites and how common it really is there, as they fit into intersex as they are not born with working sexual organs but rather develop them during puberty. You may be completely oblivious to what I meant and simply do not understand. The construction of gender theory, the idea that there are more than two genders, is incorrect. Regarding my previous statement, science has accounts stating that it is in no way possible for there to be more than two genders. "saying you are born a woman... Never have y chromosome... Not true..." this point you are making is a fallacy. I've never stated this! What I did say is that if you were a man and you wanted to be a woman you can have the appropriate surgeries to do so, but, you will still carry that Y chromosome. It is with that Y chromosome that you shall remain a man biologically no matter what. When it comes to the hermaphroditical phenomenon, which is quite rare, we know that these happen. I'm not saying they don't; I'm not ignorant. You see, you are using an isolated study and twisting into this deluding it into a broad spectrum of events. We know this is common in the R.D., just not everywhere else in the world. In fact, it seems to only happen in this particular village. Now, that was a very good link that was supported by science. Science acknowledges Guevedoces. However, it is completely irrelevant to transgenderism.
JonHouser says2017-01-17T13:20:30.2534998Z
Brinzahar The link you posted in your conversation with Sciguy in no way supports your arguments. These children are born XY (male), not XX (female). The article even says that the only reason they don't develop a penis before age 12 is because of a lack of an enzyme. They are biologically male even though they do not poses a penis. If a person is born male, he will always be male no matter what you do with his genitalia. If a person is born female, she will remain female, again no matter what you do with her genitalia.
Anonymous says2017-01-23T15:46:02.4828950Z
What a splendid observation JonHouser!

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