• Donald Trump

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton

59% 19 votes
41% 13 votes
  • Lesser of two evils.

  • Though I dislike her, I trust her with nukes and an army more than I do Drumpf. Because Drump's nothing but a mad man.

  • Hillary is single-handedly the most qualified candidate in this race...from the very beginning. Not only can she work with both parties to pass some well needed reforms in Congress, but she is the only candidate I trust with my well-being.

  • I'm starting to see why I left debate.org for a while..... it honestly frightens me to be in a place where a majority of people actually think Trump is a better option. Where I live, under 10% would vote for Trump, so it feels weird to see people who actually like him.

  • All the people voting for trump are uneducated.. if they can't go to college, how can those idiots vote smartly for the president! He is a fascist bigot and is comparable to Mussolini and Stalin. He is definitely the dumbest candidate ever elected. He calls global warming a Chinese hoax, and wants to ban Syrian refugees, who are actually the nicest people I've met (yes) america is an amazing country but with us setting a bad example for other countries soon no other countries will accept refugees. Germany, many times smaller than the USA, has let in more than twice the refugees we have. Hillary isn't bad at all and the only reason people dislike her was for her emails scandal which she didn't even do anything wrong.vegetarians for hillary

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Heterodox says2016-08-17T22:21:45.4802445Z
Great, every single page someone is going to make this poll (multiple times each page too cuz this site is broken).
Starrcyber says2016-08-18T14:35:16.5680083Z
Why only two choices?? Where is Gary Johnson on this. Shame!
yelekam says2016-08-18T23:35:24.3905789Z
I'm voting for Jim Hedges
Emma098916 says2016-08-19T11:49:52.4046130Z
Donald Trump. SERIOUSLY? DONALD TRUMP??? No way, Hillary Clinton isn't that good either, but it's the lesser of two evils, as they say.
DuffmanJack says2016-08-29T07:09:13.5373562Z
@Sciguy- Bigotry: intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Trump has openly shown his intolerance towards Muslims amongst well any non white male who isn't Cristian or protestant. In interviews he has said he's anti gay. As for qualifications he doesn't know what is going on in any countries including the US. While Clinton has been working with the white house since 1993, that's 23 years experience! Clinton has negotiated the U. S. Foreign policy with other countries. Clinton is also a very strong supporter for gay rights, hell Trump is trying to say that she is a lesbian now haha. You seem like an educated person so assuming using logic how exactly did you come to these conclusions?
bigotry says2016-08-29T15:27:13.4036068Z
@ Sciguy I came to these conclusions because its like the old saying: The devil you know is better than the devil you don't. Hillary Clinton is on record saying horribly racist things, calling young black men super predators, being endorsed by will quigg who is the grand wizard of the kkk in California, voted for building the stretch of fenching we have on the border with mexico. Who do you think said the following quote? “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants. ... Clearly, we have to make some tough decisions as a country, and one of them ought to be coming up with a much better entry-and-exit system so that if we’re going to let people in for the work that otherwise would not be done, let’s have a system that keeps track of them.” truth is stranger than fiction. Hillary Clinton went on the breakfast club and brought out hot sauce from her purse saying she always carries it with her...Really? She has a very consistent record of being inconsistent on pretty much every policy. She was completely against gay marriage for example and is not completely for it. Feel free to try to find one thing she hasn't flipped flopped on. No one knows what Hillary actually thinks. Probably why she avoids the spotlight even now.
Anonymous says2016-08-29T15:39:49.5976385Z
@Duffmanjack -I founded my conclusion by Hillary Clinton's previous actions. She has supported the idea of Gay Marriage only recently, has called black's, "super-preditors" when referencing the amount of black gang violence, and her former years of being a Goldwater-Girl could be applicable to that statement. She was a supporter of NAFTA, and her husbands 1994 Crime Bill which has effectively INCREASED incarceration of minorities in the United States of America. Though Donald Trump is a person of extreme rhetoric, he has certainly a cleaner record than Hillary. Thank you for being respectable Mr. Duffman!
Anonymous says2016-08-29T15:42:12.4644961Z
@bigotry - I agree with you!
bigotry says2016-08-29T16:24:04.0326540Z
Woops meant to say @duffmanjack then hahaha
bigotry says2016-08-29T16:24:11.9597470Z
Woops meant to say @duffmanjack then hahaha
bigotry says2016-08-29T16:26:52.5492352Z
I completely forgot about the 94 crime bill also. Another thing of note is that clintons only relevant experience with the white house ended up in her resigning...If she cant even handle that job, why would anyone think she deserves a promotion?

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