• Donald Trump

  • Hillary Clinton

52% 16 votes
48% 15 votes
  • Trump is the lesser of the two evils. A vote for Trump (in my case) is a vote against Hillary.

  • Donald Trump all the way. Hillary Clinton is just a bag full of scandals and lying. She is controlled 100%. Do some research for pity sake.

  • I am voting for Donald Trump because I believe in his solutions to the problems of our country compared to Hillary Clinton's solutions

  • Trump has my vote because he isn't a Fascist, he isn't a traitor, he isn't a liar and he isn't a murderer. All of which Clinton is.

  • Hillary is so untrustworthy

  • "I am endorsing Hillary, and all her lies and all her empty promises. It's the second-worst thing that can happen to this country, but she's way behind in second place. She's wrong about absolutely everything, but she's wrong within normal parameters." (P. J. O'Rourke)

    Posted by: NHN
  • Because the American people deserve her control and Trump's diplomacy skillz.

  • If you were to take 30 mins of time to research these candidates you'll see why. Clinton's email "scandal" is not a scandal she used a private server instead of a government server. If you think government servers are secure and un-hackable... Then you most likely don't even know what a sever is let alone the workings of one. But it's enough to say even the FBI, CIA secret service etc servers get hacked aaaallll the time. But after 12 government ran investigations found nothing she did was criminal then why not drop it? Oh that's right because Trump and his supporters won't shut their mouths about it. That put aside what has Hillary done, no really what has she actually done wrong? She lied, so what! ALL politicians lie it's part of being a politician. Oh what Trump tells it like how it is? Probably why sites like politacheck has PROVEN 78% of what he has said isa lie. Clinton foundation takes bribes, hmm no they don't they are a charity and people around the world donate because the Clinton foundation was what Bill Clinton used to continue his work helping people around the world, yes that's how the Clinton foundation is funded... Through donations. Clinton is sick she sleeps every day, do I even have to address this one? We all sleep every day, doesn't mean were all about to die. This is actually normal. Bottom line Clinton is just a regular politician with more than 15 years experience in the white house. If you look at her policies they are all sound and investing in education is 100% what this country needs. Studies have proven that higher education reduces crime rates, depression and increases jobs, economic strength and social standards. Forcing people who avoid paying taxes to pay their share will increase funding for many needed programs. The email scandal has been done to death, no information was disclosed to anyone without clearance (at the time the classified emails she sent out were NOT classified). No harm came from this email scandal. The only reason why people still talk about it is because Trump uses this as a scape goat to try and weaken Clinton's position. Trump is in the business of scamming people. This is why he speaks in "key word speech". Notice his speeches he repeats words like "not good", "not strong", "winner", "unfair " etc. He picks these words because they're small common words. Same technique used to brain wash people through propaganda. In conclusion we really have two choices this election year. A typical politician with 23 years experience in the white house, who has a solid educational and economic plan. Or a man known for scamming his own business partners out of money, who has no clue what's going on in world politics, no clue how to get the things he promised into action. If you agree with ANY of trumps policies look for a speech or interview along the same topic there is a proven 78% chance he's also said the opposite. Everything he's done so far is in his book, what worries me is what he said about holding out. Once the deal is in place you don't have to give anything up. There's nothing they can do about it and I guarantee they will settle for close to nothing. (paraphrased but that's how he said he got out of paying his people), are we next with that philosophy ?

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Midnight1131 says2016-08-24T22:19:46.0898467Z
FactsVsFeelings says2016-08-25T04:06:18.2913234Z
@Midnight1131 Yep.
o0jeannie0o says2016-08-25T14:51:22.8599510Z
Lmao! Trump supporters making comments, as if it matters, and Hilary supporters just sit back and quietly make their peace with fate.
yelekam says2016-08-27T00:42:44.2400808Z
Jim Hedges 2016
DuffmanJack says2016-08-29T06:49:53.3009110Z
Let's be honest, Trump is the first openly racist presidential candidate who has won a major party candidacy. And that appeals to a lot of people who are into that. The wall is a joke since immigrants have tunnels going as far as into mid Arizona. Not to mention they can just go around, unless you think you can wall off California to Florida then wall off the Canadian border. Republicans got on Ted Cruz for being s liar but fact checks have proven around 80% of EVERYTHING Trump has ever said in any of his speeches are proven to be lies. So why is he so popular, easy he has a daily scandal to get media attention everything from yelling at a baby, encouraging violence at his rally to disrespecting the parents of a fallen soldier. Then he blames the media, simply put studies have shown when confronted with a decision people go with what they know. His whole strategy is just to have you hear his name as many times so that you vote for him. But if you read his book, he's playing the art of the deal strategy to the letter, what comes next? As he said once the deals done you don't give them anything you promised, eventually they'll settle for nothing

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