Geoengineering/chemtrails real or fabricated?

Posted by: Jaserelijah

Do you believe that geoengineering is taking place by spraying aerosols in the atmosphere?

  • Yes, contrails do not make specific patterns that persist for that long.

  • No, geoengineering and chemtrails were fabricated by conspiracy nuts.

50% 5 votes
50% 5 votes
  • If you people cannot see the pollution from TEN LINES + in the sky, you are completely ignorant. GO to your 9-5 job then come home and watch t.v. because that's all you are good for. Your kids will feel the effects of this. TPTB are making the "climate change." But you are too dumb to see.

  • There's a new video on YouTube, watch it and there will be no doubt. It's titled Frankenskies.

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