• Yes

  • No

71% 12 votes
29% 5 votes
  • People in the government did it at the least, There is just too much over-wheming evidence to show that 9/11 was a false flag.

  • George bush is a criminal scum and he should die via lethal injection

  • I have much to say, And further my selection, However, Not enough time, Youre welcome to message me and ill relaay all my evidence when time proves good.

  • Duh. We all know deep down he did. He has big gae so he is bad boi.

  • No ONE person does anything, In government, Including the current US monarch. No one "did" this. If you want to put it down to Game of Planet, Go for it, But if you talk conspiracy, Don't simplify. Conspiracies which work, And even among individuals, Cannot and Are Not easy to unravel. National/International conspiracies? You're never gonna know. It took almost 20 years from Dallas to the Lifton book, "Best Evidence", To blow the lid off LBJ as behind Kennedy's "removal". . . But you'll never have all the ducks in a row. . . And it's baby math and with a pout, To say "LBJ killed Kennedy". So, Did Bush--or ANY Bush Family Member, Or ALL OF THEM "do" 9/11. . . Dude? Ludicrous to think in those terms. This ain't Agatha Christie.

  • nooooooo it was nagito komaeeeeeda

  • It seems that America has forgotten the wounds of those devastating acts and fell to the clutches of liberalism. If terrorists burn 2, 996 innocent US civilians and a country blatantly protects those demons, You call that not a reason for war? !

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