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MajdAhmad100 says2019-06-30T15:11:44.4700901Z
Sry. Facts are facts
Dr.Franklin says2019-06-30T15:14:40.2063431Z
Reeeeeeetard level 100
Mithra says2019-07-01T03:55:58.6470003Z
The statue of Liberty is prime example. That is a man and a god called Mithra. This is prime example that when women talk about men they are only talking about themselves
Mithra says2019-07-03T02:22:08.1980483Z
LMAO They can't even go one day without makeup
Mithra says2019-07-03T02:23:21.8197206Z
Sorry but your insecurities loose this battle most of them are unattractive and im not even gay that is their phobia https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Unattractiveness? Fbclid=IwAR0DQ1S58g9dFRx5ESRwtfJRE9666d0ccMmyF1p9b5xfNM7Ps96Qp8QkHYc
Mithra says2019-07-03T02:23:59.6502056Z
Cacophobia - fear of ugliness
Expert5532 says2019-07-04T19:54:43.2477109Z
Neither. They are equal.
Max_minervini says2019-07-05T21:22:03.0870124Z
Girls are the inferior gender. They are nothing but sex objects and cleaning appliances thats all they are and all they will ever be
Sarah_mir says2019-07-10T16:43:27.1323030Z
Well, To start with, Whether girls rule or not, We should hold our respective tongues and give some respect to them and believe that without them the world is incomplete. Now, Talking about ruling, So no they are not capable of doing that as they do not make rational decisions many a times.
MajdAhmad100 says2019-07-11T10:06:57.3259023Z
They can ruin a mans life without evidence of guilt. All they have to do is falsely accuse them and they will be imprisoned. They are in control now.
ayjinx says2019-07-11T19:58:21.0754260Z
Of course! Girls and women are capable of many things boys and men aren’t capable of, They’re also very very strong. But wether they exactly *rule* the world, As in (they’re in control of it, ) is probably not. And i’d say no gender exactly rules the entire world. Sure there are some strictly male dominated countries but that’s not talking about the big picture
Dr.Franklin says2019-07-11T20:17:53.8210260Z
Girls suck
ygtgthy says2019-07-16T17:27:36.2958172Z
Sarah_mir says2019-07-17T14:29:15.3676961Z
@MajdAhmad100 Men most of the time deserve that because they behave vulgarly and someone even said that men get attracted to anything so technically according to that person men are worse than animals.
MajdAhmad100 says2019-07-17T18:30:26.9978688Z
@Sarah falsely accusing someone of rape isn't any better than actually raping someone, Both crimes deserve same amount of jail time. If you falsely accuse someone of rape you're basically ruining their lives. Most of the men who get accused are in fact innocent.

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