Girls Tackle Football

Posted by: debat0r13245

Should their be a girls tackle football league?

  • Yes Girls Should Have A Tackle Football Leauge Because....

  • No Girls Should Not Have A Tackle Football Leauge Because...

74% 23 votes
26% 8 votes
  • yes because girls can do the same thing boys can do

  • The option should exist. Even of you thi kfirls wouldnt like it or couldnt handle it dont they have a right to decide. A boy has the right to decide whether or not he wants to play football

    Posted by: Stefy
  • well imma girl and i play

    Posted by: itscc
  • Because girls have the same rights as guys

  • I'm a girl and I play tackle football on a professional team and I rock, I'm a safety, defensive end, and a tight end and no one gets through me no attention if it's me( which more than most the time it is) or my friends, but that's besides the point, if girls are hard core and tomboys the. I suggest they play football.

  • yes because girls have a freedom of speech and all the stupid little punks that say girls cant get a life

  • Think about it the most wimpy girl could beat the strongest boy its possiable

  • i believe we should be able to because boys think we are just all nails and hair and looks and we would die for boys but no we are all not like that i hate doing my hair and nails i would die to play football and be on the feld with the boys its my bream and i cant wait till i make it come true now all u boys that are haters to us i would never be cought died in a cheerleader outfit i would rather die then be one of them im never going to cheer for football player i want to be one the team and get my hands dirty and not have to worrie about it i want to tackle boys i want to be treated like one of the boys

  • No the bone structure 70 percent of the time is weaker than a man we already risk boys why risk girls

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awesomegable says2015-12-17T23:22:00.5418940Z
Yes girls should have there own league because I play tackle football and I get hurt so much. Girls should have there own league it would be a little safer. (I guess)

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