Girls vs Boys

Posted by: AthenaMusic10

Please vote for which gender you think is best, not your own. This is not sexism I just want to see the results.

Poll closed on 7/1/2014 at 12:00PM.
  • Girls

  • Boys

45% 5 votes
55% 6 votes
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      edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T21:44:04.8511861-05:00
      This is pathetic.
      Adaptable says2014-04-21T06:50:56.2616476-05:00
      You say this is pathetic, but it is scientifically proven men have advantages over women, just like women do over men. Physically and mentally. This being said, I wouldn't call this poll pathetic, but more so too generalized. Now for an example: When it comes to advanced math men have a higher intellect, but when it comes to advanced linguistics women are more advanced. Believe it or not if you went down the list of advantages and disadvantages, both girls and boys have many strengths and weaknesses. Though I will not go into detail as to which sex is better in general, because too many people get emotional about this subject.
      BblackkBbirdd says2014-04-21T14:12:35.9384120-05:00
      "Please vote for which gender you think is best, not your own. This is not sexism I just want to see the results." 1. All answers to this question are sexist, even if you force people to vote for the opposite gender (which BTW would just show you how many men and women voted). Members of the same gender can vary completely in areas such creative, mathematical and physical ability so it can't be argued that one is 'superior'.
      Nayro says2014-04-21T14:40:04.4477793-05:00
      I think they are even, girls are crazy but sexy and boys are calm but gross. These are just generalized not trying to be sexiest gender doesn't really have anything to do with personality.
      TheendofEverything says2015-12-26T04:33:50.4569508Z
      Neither gender is better or worse. We both need each other, and the difference between boys and girls isn't as huge as everyone pretends. There's more to the world, after all, than Barbie Girls and Body Builders. Some girls are tough and strong, some boys are pretty and beautiful. Some girls are stoic, some boys are very emotional. Some boys wear make up, some girls wear no make up at all. ____ Hopefully, we'll eventually reach a point in society where gender expression for boys, is as encouraged as much as it is for girls. In the meantime, the world will continue to be miserable and oppressive, until people wake up.
      Brockstars says2016-04-20T16:56:46.1087770Z
      They are equal
      Brockstars says2016-04-20T16:58:21.5812173Z
      Boys rule
      JTWS says2017-10-15T04:22:16.5027225Z

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