GMO's aren't necessarily bad

Posted by: W1ll1ph0n3

Of course huge bio-tech corporations like Monsanto are horrible, but that doesn't mean that GMO's are necessarily bad.

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I Agree but...

I agree but, GMO's should be regulated enough and we should do more research on them.
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I disagree, GMO's are unnatural and should be banned.
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GMO's are just perfect (explain)

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Thegreatdebate98 says2014-11-25T11:44:24.3813705-06:00
How many studies have to be done to prove it to people that GMO's were never safe? How many suits do you have to see people in to prove to yourself that if it's not safe for him, then it won't be safe for your body? Why is it that Autism was very rare until the time GMO's were developed? Why is it that rats grow tumors after eating GMO corn? Why is it that corporations don't want to label if "they are so safe?" Wouldn't they be dangerous to humans if DNA is altered from something else, how hasn't that response been properly tested? Why is it that scientists continue to claim they are safe, yet they didn't do proper tests on them until there was controversy about them being dangerous?
Formerland1 says2014-11-25T11:56:31.6408177-06:00
Now genetic modifacarion is merely selective breeding, grafting ect. Done much faster . Before we just mixed pollen ,grafted branches ,and selectively breed crops and animals . Now we just do the same thing but in a few eyes instead of decades . One could say that living is unsafe by your logic because 100% of people who got cancer were living .
Formerland1 says2014-11-29T07:21:58.4182941-06:00
You want to refute that so we can argue about it or do I win ?
BblackkBbirdd says2014-12-22T03:25:12.2794542-06:00
I was in a hipster shop the other day, and there were anti GMO badges saying 'Perfect as nature intended' (hehe, hipsters, we've been selectively breeding food for thousands of years.....)

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