God is not perfect nor is he all-knowing and completely good. Agree or Disagree?

Posted by: Eqcuis

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  • God, is the creator of all things. if he's not all knowing, it means there is knowledge that he doesn't have. this would be a contradiction. because God is the creator of all things, therefor all knowledge is created and possessed by God. so if we say that there is knowledge that God doesn't have, it means that some knowledge exists (is created by God) that God doesn't have it (hasn't created it). that's contradictory. therefor God has all knowledge.

  • The concept of a first cause is inescapable, whether you believe that first cause is the unintelligent, inanimate Big Bang or an intelligent being. The first cause always existed, otherwise, that thing which brought it into being would instead be the first cause. It takes more faith to believe in an unintelligent first cause than to believe in an intelligent God. God is the First Cause, the only Essential Being. As such, He can not be otherwise than perfect, all-knowing, and completely good. Any sense that He is not comes from our finite minds attempting to grasp the infinite.

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reece says2016-07-03T20:18:58.0490189Z
@lightseeker creating and having all information is contradictory by itself. How do you you explain/justify freewill, hell, etc, etc, etc. Although I personally don't believe in freewill.
lightseeker says2016-07-03T20:36:23.8427026Z
@ reece it seems to me that in your eyes, God creating and knowing everything, is contradictory to people having free will. But you should know that God also created time, he's a timeless being. He's beyond time. Therefor he knows now, as he knows 1000 years from now. So, me doing something by my freewill doesn't contradict God's knowing about it. And hell and heaven are the results of what I'll do. If I do good by my freewill, I'll go to heaven. And if I do bad, I'll go to hell.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-03T20:38:29.2727420Z
@lightseeker I agree with you 100%. Nice explanation.
reece says2016-07-03T20:50:39.7723898Z
@lightseeker Knowing future is deterministic.
reece says2016-07-03T20:52:39.1926863Z
Let alone creating it.
lightseeker says2016-07-04T06:49:31.9293550Z
@reece how would that be deterministic? As I said, God knows all, because he's not constrained by time. And if you think people don't have free will, it means that someone can attack you and rob you and steal your car! And you wouldn't be able to prosecute him. Because prosecuting someone who didn't have any will in doing something, is unfair and wrong! Just don't let others know that you think people don't have freewill. It would lead to pretty strange situations for you!
Eqcuis says2016-07-04T07:02:47.9582431Z
@lightseeker what you say makes a lot of sense but doesn't that mean God willingly allows us to suffer and make choices that either go against him or are religiously and/or morally wrong?
Eqcuis says2016-07-04T07:04:45.8007160Z
@lightseeker also, could what God has for us in the afterlife make up for all this suffering? Will it help us forget this suffering or will we remember the suffering, the good and bad choices we made in the afterlife?Great points you have made. Thank you for sharing!
reece says2016-07-04T07:25:20.0126293Z
@lightseeker 1. You're looking at freewill arbitrarily. 2. Look at it from humanities prospective. Humanity is spacetime, right?... Because of how the universe is singular. If so, we're not responsible for our own actions... God is. You said yourself God creates all information. 3. We will always have the illusion of freewill. The argument over it doesn't matter when it comes to practicality. Chaos (confusion or Disorder of the cosmos) is what drives the illusion.
lightseeker says2016-07-04T07:34:07.1300065Z
@Eqcuis about God allowing us to do things that are wrong. That's the definition of freewill. If you say why should I have the power to do wrong, I would say because you're a human being. God has prepared the stage and the tools for us, and has also given us power and freewill. If we choose wrong, we would do so by the power God has given us, and if we choose right, that's also by the power God has given us. But, as Quran says: Whoever will come to Allah with a good deed shall have ten times as much, and whoever will come to Allah with an evil deed, shall be requited with no more than the like of it. They shall not be wronged. It means that going to heaven is actually a lot easier than going to hell. Because God also gave us wisdom and the feeling of guilt. We just have to find the right way to God and follow it.
lightseeker says2016-07-04T07:49:04.6193596Z
@ Eqcuis about God making up for the suffering people go through. One of the names of God in my religion is compensator (not sure that's the correct translation though). It means that he would compensate for the hardships people have gone through so much that good people would wish that they'd gone through all kinds of trouble when they lived on earth. For example: judgement day takes very long. But poor people who obeyed God when they lived, would go to heaven without being questioned. But rich people, would go through all kinds of questioning (imagine the stress and frustration, when the outcome would be heaven or hell). All children who died before coming to age, would go to heaven. All people who were born with mental problems that didn't allow them to choose would go to heaven. All the people who were in places were guidance of God couldn't reach them, if they did right according to their own beliefs, would go to heaven. Mothers who died in childbirth, would go to heaven. All of the people who were tortured and killed because of their faith in God, would be compensated so much that they wished their body would've been torn to pieces while protecting their faith. Also yes, in our religion, we believe that good people would forget all of the painful memories that they had in life, in heaven, if those memories would bother them in heaven. Noah won't remember that he had a disbeliever son who chose to follow Satan ...

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