Grand Theft Auto 5

Posted by: medic0506

Does it live up to expectations?

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Very good but I've played better

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Best game ever!!!

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This game just plain sucks

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Meh, just average

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Pretty bad but not the worst I've played

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medic0506 says2013-09-19T01:55:29.1656680-05:00
I only played for a couple hours so I don't have enough to make a good judgment on the game as a whole, but so far I really like what I've seen.
Juan_Pablo says2013-09-27T06:56:12.7717870-05:00
This game series glorifies prostitution, car-jacking, theft of property, drug-peddling and drug-use, gun violence against non-criminals, etc. It is some of the worst trash ever put on a game console CD! No thanks!
medic0506 says2013-09-27T08:45:38.1438435-05:00
It's called a G.A.M.E., and yes it is a game that shouldn't be played by those who aren't mature enough yet to distinguish a game, from reality, or keep their real life morality from being affected by what they do on a video game. In fact I'd so that those kind of people probably shouldn't even be playing video games, period.
Juan_Pablo says2013-09-27T08:54:51.7369976-05:00
@medic: Yes because only mature people see the entertainment value in playing a drug-peddling, prostitute-renting, car-jacker . . . Who also murders innocent people on the side! Clearly this game was designed for the most mature members of society.
medic0506 says2013-09-29T05:30:36.1571456-05:00
First, I've yet to encounter anything that I have to do that relates to prostitution. I'm not saying they might not come later but so far I haven't ran into that issue. Secondly, the missions are designed to challenge your abilities to drive, shoot, etc. The storyline is incidental, and if you know that drug dealing is harmful to society then you'll still believe that after turning the game off. It's just another form of recreation, but yes, it is one that parents should monitor before allowing kids to play.
medic0506 says2013-09-29T05:36:58.8875815-05:00
As for maturity, I see that you feel that those who play video games are immature. The same could be said about those who sit at a keyboard arguing with other people that they've never met before. Regardless, I don't believe that engaging in n activity that you find enjoyable, demonstrates maturity o immaturity. It's simply a hobby, and there is no right or wrong to such hobbies.
medic0506 says2013-10-01T10:10:17.9546421-05:00
I'm 35% through the game and so far I'm thinking my vote would have to go to best game ever, but I'll hold off on voting until the end.

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