• Yes

  • No

82% 14 votes
18% 3 votes
  • The groundhog has saw his shadow for my whole lifetime...

  • Its still celebrated by the fact that it is pointless

  • The fact that it is something we rarely notice or care about renders it useless. You don't get some friends together for Groundhog Day, you don't go out for a night on the town to celebrate the mammals rise from his hole. No its just something you see as a blurb on the local news channel. Since it has no religious, social, or economic benefits it it ultimately useless

  • It is designed to kill brain cells.

  • Phuxatony Phill AKA the groundhog is a national symbol and is a good way to start off black rights month, with a little happiness and joy

  • Its not pointless, because I celebrate my birthday on Groundhog Day. :p, eat that legislature.

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dbushwacker says2015-02-03T12:58:04.9741623-06:00
I meant "NO." :p

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