• GTA 5

  • Injustice 2

89% 17 votes
11% 2 votes
  • Is this even in question, Injustice 2 has the better story, but you rely can only fight in it. GTA 5 lets you do basically anything you want to. For example, I like getting on the train, and fighting the helicopters in a big, 5 star fight, but my best friend gets his hands on my copy, and decides he want's to be a cab driver. (seriously, he even obeys the laws of the road... for hours at a time) My point being, if Injustice made a huge open world map game, with their storyline It would be game of the year, for 3 years strait, but until then, it only has (admittedly one of the best their is) storyline backing it.

  • you go pop pop pop

  • Not gonna lie, Injustice is a fave. The fighting is just really good. Injustice offers 1,000 times more competitive capability than GTA5. I mean, how many GTA5 EVO tournaments have YOU seen?

  • Injustice 2 is newer and more exciting than shitty GTA V I didn't know that overrated game was still Relevant In today's world

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MasterMewtwo says2018-05-05T03:23:34.3292309Z
Nah, Mortal Kombat is better. Why do you think it's the thumbnail for this?
proally10666 says2018-05-18T18:05:24.2770427Z
Gta play all day but i play fortnite

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