• It's Gonna Be Awesome!

  • It's Gonna Suck

83% 10 votes
17% 2 votes
  • this is said to be one of the best games it better be. I have been disappointed b4 I just hope I won't be disappointed with gta v. remember diablo III

  • gta grand sheft auto is cool

  • People need to stop confusing "hype" with "marketing." It has been heavily marketed, but that does not translate to hype. It hasn't been hyped, it's merely been sold.

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vortux says2013-09-13T13:21:55.4340371-05:00
I have yet to see any hype.
ashlin says2013-09-13T13:38:37.4689380-05:00
So dam nice
youssef says2013-09-17T08:47:47.2847592-05:00
Yes cool

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