Gun lobbyists, what do you think of this australian's opinion?

Posted by: russian_metaphor_man

  • Wow, he is absolutely correct america is backward.

  • No america is fine

43% 3 votes
57% 4 votes
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tajshar2k says2015-10-03T01:09:43.2306208Z
Can't agree or disagree. He's pretty idiotic to compare Australia's gun laws, then pretend it will magically work in America...
Mr_Anderson says2015-10-03T02:36:50.2092211Z
Let's be honest. Gun laws are not the reason Australia hasn't had a mass shooting. I'd bet it's simply a coincidence. Anybody can shoot up a school with any kind of gun. I will say he is right about the safety nets, wages and education, but he's wrong on pretty much everything else. Guns are used defensively, frequently and he's also wrong about having a gun in the home makes it more dangerous.
Skynet says2015-10-03T04:06:59.4366000Z
The author falls prey to bigotry known the world over (myself included when I'm not careful) of judging, in detail, people he has never met. He comments on how there is no difference between Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Hindu extremists, yet lives in a mostly secular nation. He generalizes that all NRA members are frothing mad, but how many would one meet in Australia? I'm skeptical. He speaks about a "Wild West Mythology." What would that be? The West was wild because it was remote frontier with barely established "civilized" settlements. Drawing a correlation between gunplay in the Old West (due to lack of established law enforcement) and gunplay nowadays (anarchists, lack of unity leading to fringe groups and hate) has nothing to do with "Wild West mythology." He is correct in that we are divided, and we have our problems, but he should really educate himself on the ACTUAL cause of our problems and not just feed his nationalistic ego by believing the tropes.
russian_metaphor_man says2015-10-03T06:03:37.8273409Z
@Mr_Anderson: No australia changed its gun laws because of a massacre, the port arthur massacre back in 96 there has only been 1 since and it was by a rural man who killed himself and his family of 5.

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