• Hakuna Matata

  • YOLO

92% 11 votes
8% 1 votes
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Khaos_Mage says2014-05-20T09:54:38.5982356-05:00
What about carpe diem?
SNP1 says2014-05-20T09:56:17.8454356-05:00
It has not been as popular as any of the 2 I have listed. In all honesty, carpe diem is my second favorite, but I want to compare the popular ones.
demonlord343 says2014-05-20T12:14:42.9272157-05:00
What the heck is carpe diem?
SNP1 says2014-05-20T12:17:36.8822356-05:00
Carpe diem=Seize the day
demonlord343 says2014-05-20T12:27:14.2904354-05:00
Oh... K...
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T17:22:31.0911286-05:00
How about, for all you bond fans out there, YOLT

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