Halo 5 vs Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Posted by: COOLDUDE202

I've played both games and I was wondering which game you guys prefer. The Halo campaigns have always been so innovative and enjoyable for me. The multiplayer was also really amazing. However, Call of Duty has had some of the greatest success and a great multiplayer. Which of the two new gen games is better?

  • Halo 5: Guardians

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III

40% 6 votes
60% 9 votes
  • Had this been an earlier time I honestly would say Black Ops II over Halo 4. But being a fan of the series and comparing both series's downfall, Halo still has some good things about it despite its shitty micro-transactions and lack of split-screen its still the same game as I remember it and that's why I'd say Halo 5 is better. Black Ops III lacked a nostalgic connection to the previous two which deeply disappointed me and one of the reasons why I don't consider it a true Black Ops title its more like Treyarch's take on a 2nd Advanced Warfare which...yeah the series as a whole is starting to run out of options where's Halo still holds true to what makes it Halo and hasn't changed all too much with most changes being for better gameplay.

  • cod way better cause my mate gonzo sucks the other people and i am way better than him lol

  • halo five had a campaign that was lacking some important parts that led to the uprising of halo 1-4. The new spartan charge is exactly the same as shoulder charge in destiny, and the scope on the shotguns is worthless.

    Posted by: puppy2
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holdenpa says2016-05-22T22:03:41.1175297Z
I am way better than my mate gonzo i vs him and wasted him
holdenpa says2016-05-22T22:04:22.6761961Z
And started to teabag him in his face
holdenpa says2016-05-22T22:07:05.9936430Z
Who is with me

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