• Call of duty

  • Halo

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53% 17 votes
  • Call Of Duty is a JOKE!

  • *#1)* Why Halo has the better campaign/story. Why Halo's campaign/story is much better than call of duties plus why having a continuous storyline and spin-off storylines all within and connected to the same lore of the universe is better: It is widely known having an epic expansive lore about a games universe draws people into a game. Games that have this lore are stories usually told over many games and connects everything together. Everyone knows franchises like Mass Effect, Half Life, Skyrim, Fallout etc are better than your stand alone franchise like Battlefield, Rainbow Six and cod etc.. These games are are at the top of the list of games last generation and usually have novels, graphic novels and such written about it's universe BECAUSE it's so engaging. Mass Effect has it's graphic novels and Halo has not just novels but New York Best sellers (Highest accolade for a novel). With the backstories created by these novels ENRICHES the universe further and is brought into future games. Cod has nothing. Don't get me wrong cods campaign is good great actually but it is no Halo and is not in the same category. It's mediocre. It is widely known that cod's campaign is a one play-trough type of thing and everyone just goes to the multiplayer. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Now onto gameplay in the campaign. All cod is an arcade corridor shooter. Meaning it has a step by step constricted gameplay. Shoot in hallways and rooms (which is not bad) BUT that is all cod is and it gets very boring and bland very quick (hence the one time play-trough), Even the vehicle sections (if you can call them that) you are on a restricted path. Oh and nearly forgot the enemy A.I. is horribly predictable in cod. They spawn in the same play, usually walk to the same place, pop up in the same window etc. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Halo on the other hand has a lot more variety. You can do everything cod does plus more. Not only is Halo a corridor shooter it is a sandbox shooter too (Large open battles areas). No two battles is alike. Halo is known for it's infamous "30 seconds of fun"... ergo every 30 secs something new happens. Go in all guns blazing Stay back and snipe or in Co-op do them both Use a vehicle warthog with your co-op as driver/gunner Use a mongoose/Ghost/ Wraith/ Banshee Sandbox Battles (wide open spaces) Many, Many different ways to advance and attack using strategies applied while""" playing with a brother or friend etc. Halo: CE's enemy A.I is one of the best A.I. in any game and still does. They change things up. They flank you. They run away if their leader is dead etc. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Lastly SKULLS. You get skulls to change the gameplay up = more playtime. LASO anyone?? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Oh wait I almost forgot. Sound design and audio is amazing, nostalgic and award winning. Audio IS everything in the entertainment medium from movies to games. It creates emotions. No doubt Halo beats cod in that category. When you think of music in games Halo will always be mentioned.

  • Halo cause Hay yo, I got halo

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Gs325jcbd says2014-05-16T22:28:51.1401042-05:00
Moronic polls
Zlehn says2014-05-16T22:36:11.0487708-05:00
derplington says2014-05-19T10:59:21.9429145-05:00
Says the guy with PS4 as his profile picture.
HeavyReader says2014-05-20T07:12:55.8770441-05:00
@Gs325jcbd There is a games poll section to DDO. Calm yo tats. It's considered legitimate here.
HeavyReader says2014-05-20T07:14:48.1862356-05:00
@Gs325jcbd Also, seeing that you voted on this poll right here http://www.debate.org/polls/enterprise-or-millineum-falcon/?vid=4AD19812-C392-41F4-B0A2-74C94F984524 you have no right to call other polls like this moronic. People who are fans of something have a right to the poll if it is appropriate to the site.
HeavyReader says2014-05-20T07:17:35.6142734-05:00
@Gs325jcbd You're also being a little hypocritical because of this link right here. http://www.debate.org/polls/nike-or-adidas-which-is-better
congress.org says2014-05-22T08:41:05.4251775-05:00
Call of duty is way better i played a bunch of times and never got bored halo is just an alien thing that take so long to kill.
debate_power says2014-05-28T15:09:33.1524266-05:00
Count of Monte Cristo... I prefer reading
Griffin1972-2002 says2014-06-18T01:12:04.4326393-05:00
Halo is fake
derplington says2014-06-20T00:49:07.5039516-05:00
I like both game series, but halo has a better story, better graphics, vehicles, forge, more weapons, and damage that makes sense. Call of Duty-"OH NO! My pinky toe has a knife floating above it..." Halo- I have an awesome suit... So... Ha!"
nickolas says2016-07-01T00:34:14.0235635Z
Guys, you have got to check out this URL if you haven't seen it before. Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=o-QTsRAz1Bo It's called "Halo VS Call of Duty" by RackaRacka, it's hilarious.

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