Halo or Titanfall

Posted by: dylangraphic23

Which video game franchise do you prefer?

  • Halo

  • Titanfall

59% 10 votes
41% 7 votes
  • Are we talking specifically Halo 5 vs Titanfall, Or the Halo series vs the Titanfall series? I liked Titanfall a little bit better than Halo 5, Maybe because I was a little overhyped for Halo 5, But I prefer the Halo games much more than I prefer the Titanfall games.

  • Though I haven't personally played TItanfall and can't personally account for the quality of the game, I have read reviews of it and have friends who play. I have played Halo before (my favorite being Reach) and been drawn in by its immersive world and many different heavily customizable gamemodes which allow for endless modification and fun. Not only this but the Campaign was one of the only campaigns i've ever played in which I have felt emotionally moved and also simultaneously enjoyed just for raw gameplay. The plot is unique and well presented with character development that is convincing for a video game. Conclusively, I have found my personal experience of the Halo series superior in juxtaposition to the quality and enjoyability of Titanfall that I have been presented through above mentioned sources.

  • Halo reach was da bomb

    Posted by: Rigbo
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ShinySunjack says2019-01-10T17:36:04.7311607Z
If we're talking all of the Halo games versus the two Titanfall games then Halo has the upper hand but if we compare them on their two most recent outings then I think Titanfall has been better recently.

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