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  • Christmas isn't the only holiday celebrated.

    Posted by: reece
  • As an American student all my life, I've been surrounded by the Constitution and its virtues. The United States was first settled by immigrants who wanted to escape religious persecution, and so that their religion could be lived out freely and without spite against them. Included in the Constitution, the United States has no religion. So when people say "Merry Christmas," it's almost an assumption that the person being told such thing is Christian. This bothers me most when teachers say such things, but that's just my opinion.

  • I have two problems with saying merry Christmas 1. Logically if we measure time based on the timing of the birth of Christ then he was born on new years Christmas was placed on your the date of the pagen festival saternailia to make the religion more appealing to the pagens to get the pagens to stop feeding Christians to the loins. 2. Wail Hanukkah is only a minor Jewish holiday it exists but the Islamic month of Ramadan (I think I got the wrong month) in witch they fast and it's considered a holiday.

  • Just having a Christian holiday being said is rude and offensive to anyone who is not a celebrator of Jesus Christ. This "War on Christmas" is illogical and in true honesty kind of racist.

  • As Christianity created Christmas to over power the Pagan holiday f Yule (aka winter solstice) yes, happy holidays are much more appropriate. And Christmas has nothing to do with Christianity for all those Christians out there with a magnet that says "Keep Christ in Christmas." Your god has nothing to do with it, just another aggressive Christian.

  • Christmas was originally a roman holiday

    Posted by: bodog
  • Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ and that is exactly what it should be. Trying to un-Christianize Christian holidays is religious discrimination and religious cleansing.

  • Merry christmas. We say Happy Valentine's day, happy birthday, happy veteran's day. If you wanna say Happy Holidays, say it all year round, not just December. oh yeah... ITS CALLED CHRISTMAS and what can I say? Its about the birth of Christ and you can't take that away You can call it something else, but that's not what it'll be ITS CALLED CHRISTMAS with a capital C!

    Posted by: Matpat
  • Who cares if it's religious? So long as all religions can use their traditional greetings then it's equal so allow it. And if they can't, make it so they can. Basically, if there's an issue with equality in freedom, make more people free and NOT more oppressed.

  • I live in a country where over 40% of the population has no religion. That might sound like it means happy holidays is the phrase of choice- but instead, it's become a more secular event, meaning practically everyone here says "Merry Christmas". It's just not a big deal here.

  • Every religion has to be respected. If its Christmas, say Merry Christmas. and you have holiday with it across the world, so it would be appropriate to say Happy Holidays. Many also say "Merry Christmas and Happy new year", since people go on holiday from end of a year and return after begining of the new year

  • Merry Christmas all the way. Down with political correctness! most non-Christians are not offended by it and if you are, you need to accept that the country you are living in has CHRISTMAS as a national holiday.

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • I celebrate Christmas, so I say Merry Christmas. It isn't for religious reasons. That's just the holiday my family has always celebrated. If you celebrate something else, fine. I'll gladly wish a Jew Happy Hanukkah. I don't really care one way or the other, and neither should anyone else. I always hear about people getting offended by Merry Christmas or some other greeting that refers to a specific holiday. It's ridiculous. I say what I celebrate, you can say what you celebrate, and I'm perfectly fine greeting you with whatever you want, but I'm not saying Happy Holidays. It's just a reminder of how stupidly sensitive everyone is today, and personally, I'm sick of it.

  • JESUS is the reason for the season. Christmas is based on Jesus Christ and the original St Nick was a priest dude. You really think he would say happy holidays or Merry Christmas?

  • I may not be a Christian, but the truth is Christmas is a special, named holiday, not just any other holiday. If other holidays get to go by their own name (e.g. Happy Valentine's Day), why should Christmas not be treated the same way?

  • People who can't say "Christmas" shouldn't even celebrate it even for presents. Christmas is about the birth of Christ not presents.

  • Yes, as every religion has the right for their traditions and holidays to be respected.

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reece says2016-12-24T03:58:09.1743363Z
@Rjupudi18 Christmas is pagan.
BrendanD19 says2016-12-24T04:18:55.1790490Z
Who cares which greeting you use?
dr.jimmythefish says2016-12-24T22:43:20.6749115Z
Christmass is Christ mass saternailia (so) is pagen.
Gareth_BM says2016-12-24T22:56:27.4503549Z
Why does it matter. I use both.
SegBeg says2016-12-31T12:21:48.5636989Z
@reece, Christmas has pagan ORIGINS, but the current form of Christmas is indeed Christian
reece says2016-12-31T12:35:55.9207776Z
@SegBeg Christianity has a t̲r̲a̲d̲i̲t̲i̲o̲n̲ of stealing and assimilating other peoples cultures.
reece says2016-12-31T12:44:13.8759696Z
Christianity should take a few notes from Scientology. #MAKECHRISTIANITYORIGINAL
SegBeg says2016-12-31T12:45:07.3778656Z
@reece, Christians did not "steal" anything. Before Christmas was a thing, the Romans had their own holiday on December 25th: Saturnalia. But when the Romans introduced Christianity as the State religion, they decided to celebrate Christ's birth on that date instead. They didn't exactly "steal" anything. It was more like reformed. But why are you crying about us "stealing" Christmas from the Pagans? Are you Pagan? Because unless you are, aren't you "stealing" Christmas just as much as Christians are? I mean, because it's a Pagan holiday according to you, doesn't that mean it's not your holiday to celebrate either?
reece says2016-12-31T12:53:19.6298680Z
Did you read the next comment?
SegBeg says2016-12-31T13:12:29.2103901Z
@reece, what about it?
reece says2016-12-31T13:22:10.5013163Z
@SegBeg I just want to know if you understand the full context of what I'm saying.
Rjupudi18 says2016-12-31T17:56:26.1576006Z
Scientology is a cult that would fit more in a Star Wars film than in real life. Unlike Scientology and all the other false created religions, Christianity is a faith that comes directly from the Creator and it is He who has established the pillars of the religion. It is not up to humans to change and manipulate the Gospel of Truth for our liking. The date for Christmas may have been the same date of a pagan holiday but Christmas itself is the rememberance of the birth of Jesus Christ.
ZachZimmey says2016-12-31T21:28:40.5466138Z
If you celebrate Christmas, say "Merry Christmas". If you're Jewish, tell me "Happy Hanukkah". Or "Happy Kwanzaa". Or "Happy National Ravioli Day". I'll say what I celebrate, you say what you celebrate, if you celebrate nothing just smile and wave. This shouldn't even be considered offensive. It is just different cultures/ religions. Respect my celebrations and religions and I'll respect yours.
reece says2017-01-01T01:14:43.1481243Z
@Rjupudi18 Do you know how hypocritical you sound?
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-01T02:35:25.8474639Z
No reece. Tell me.
reece says2017-01-01T03:13:57.9854922Z
@Rjupudi18 Unicorns, giants, witches, etc. Where do you think Christianity fits?
SegBeg says2017-01-01T19:53:31.4330590Z
@reece, are there any historical documents for giants and witches? The difference between fairytales and Christianity is that many of the people in the Bible- including Jesus are historically documented, whether you believe he rose from the dead or not. Believe it or not, historians might have actually found where Sodom and Gomorrah were- the two cities that God destroyed. They also might have found Jesus' tomb, some evidence for the Flood, etc. Where has there been any evidence for Little Red Riding Hood?
reece says2017-01-03T06:38:51.6904991Z
@SegBeg Unicorns, giants, witches and more are all documented in the bible, just like what Scientology has.
reece says2017-01-03T06:40:58.0473021Z
Isn't the bible a historical document in itself?
SegBeg says2017-01-03T11:36:57.7182888Z
@reece, and where are unicorns and giants and witches documented anywhere in the Bible? Cite me some verses please if you can find any
reece says2017-01-03T12:37:16.4231966Z
@SegBeg Unicorns: Numbers 23:22, 24:8 II Deuteronomy 33:17 II Job 39:9 and 39:10 II Psalm 22:21, 29:6, 92:10 II Isaiah 34:7. Giants: Deuteronomy 3:11, 1:28, 2:10, 9:2, 2:10-11 II Joshua 17:15, 18:16, 11:21, 14:15, 15:14, 13:12, 14:12, 15:13-14 II 1 Samuel 17:4 II 2 Samuel 21:16, 21:20, 21:18 II Numbers 13:28, 13:22, 13:32 II Genesis 14:5 II Amos 2:9 II 1 Chronicles 20:8, 20:5, 20:4, 20:6, 11:23 II Judges 1:20, Witches: Leviticus 19:31, 20:27, 20:6 II Exodus 22:18 II Deuteronomy 18:9-12, 18:10 II Galatians 5:19-21, 5:20-21 II Revelation 21:8, 22:15 II Isaiah 8:19, 19:3 II 2 Chronicles 33:6 II 2 Kings 21:6, 1 Samuel 15:23 II Acts 19:19 II 1 Chronicles 10:13-14.
reece says2017-01-03T12:39:21.0812127Z
I placed wizards with the witches. They're similar enough.
reece says2017-01-03T12:42:11.7296127Z
Should we do dragons as well?
SegBeg says2017-01-03T12:42:27.1268127Z
@reece, wait wait wait. Quote at least three of them for me. I can't search all of them or it will take me forever
SegBeg says2017-01-03T12:44:49.4612127Z
@reece, if you're talking about the revelation verse. The dragons is a metaphor- not a real person. This just comes to shows how biblical skeptics don't bother to look deeper into things
reece says2017-01-03T12:45:21.5207966Z
@SegBeg I'll let you cherry pick ;)
reece says2017-01-03T12:49:23.7419966Z
Revelation 12:3?
reece says2017-01-03T12:51:45.6692127Z
Satan being a dragon still counts in my books.
SegBeg says2017-01-03T12:55:10.1072127Z
@reece well you "book" is incorrect. Satan is not a dragon- the dragon was a METAPHOR- a SYMBOL. It wasn't real. It was supposed to represent the devil. You just admitted you don't care about the real meaning of that verse. You just want to read it in your own interpretation just to push your agenda even though you know your interpretation is wrong.
reece says2017-01-03T12:59:00.6128127Z
Satan is the devil...
SegBeg says2017-01-03T13:00:38.9396127Z
@reece, I know. I never said he wasn't
reece says2017-01-03T13:00:38.9708127Z
Satan can take many forms can't he? How about that talking snake.
SegBeg says2017-01-03T13:10:59.0864127Z
@reece difference between a snake and a dragon- a snake is real. The dragons was a metaphor
reece says2017-01-03T13:20:56.6912127Z
@SegBeg Okay, step me through your logic. How do you think that's a coherent answer? We're discussing about a character that can shapshift into a talking snake, and you're saying that he can't turn into a dragon because dragons aren't real? How about talking snakes or any other characters I've brought up.
SegBeg says2017-01-03T13:39:44.6804127Z
@reece https://lifehopeandtruth.com/prophecy/revelation/revelation-12/
reece says2017-01-03T15:19:54.7832127Z
@SegBeg Don't just give me a link.
SegBeg says2017-01-03T15:47:46.7600127Z
@reece, it's better at explaining it than I am
SegBeg says2017-01-03T16:17:27.9992127Z
@reece, you accuse me of cherrypicking when you just cherrypicked about 20 verses? Wow theists are hypocrites as well
reece says2017-01-03T16:38:19.2284127Z
@SegBeg No, they're all in context of my argument.
SegBeg says2017-01-03T18:39:48.1412127Z
@reece, and what I said was in context with MY argument
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-03T19:02:06.7616127Z
@reece Your understanding of the Bible is very naive. The Bible speaks in metaphorical language to show emphasis. For example, Jesus is called the Lamb of God. This doesn't mean He is a literal lamb. It is metaphorical for One who is innocent and humble like a lamb. What makes the Bible a great Book from a literary perspecrive is its rich metaphorical language and symbolism. Jesus Himself spoke in parables for His followers to better understand Him instead of giving vague, direct statements.
reece says2017-01-04T17:22:15.1558953Z
@Rjupudi18 I said you could cherry pick...
reece says2017-01-04T17:24:37.9435334Z
@Rjupudi18 Yes, that's a clear metaphor that everyone believes. How about that talking serpent though? Or the world being made in 6 days?
RJRay says2017-01-05T03:25:04.1877594Z
I've grown up around a very religious family in the south, but that does not mean I do not respect others and their religions. I'm not religious myself, and I do not get offended by people saying "Merry Christmas" to me, but I understand some people of other religions do.
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-05T04:43:46.1861784Z
@reece The talking serpent does not refer to an ordinary snake that begins to speak but rather Satan (who already can talk) who takes the form of a serpent to deceive Adam and Eve. This is entirety logical because a chameleon could change its appearance to that of a plant for example. This does not mean a plant now has a mouth and a tail and bites but rather the appearance is as such.
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-05T04:50:25.6085784Z
@reece As for the six days of creation, there is no indication that the Bible was referring to literal 24-hour days. In fact, this would be impossible as a 24-hour day would be dependent on the earth and its orbit around the Sun and the Sun wasn't created until the fourth day. The most logical explanation is that the days in the Genesis account of creation are not literal earth days but long periods of time being several millions or billions of years.
reece says2017-01-06T03:47:03.2384675Z
@Rjupudi18 No, it isn't entirety logical and you know that. Can you please be intellectually honest. Do you care about truth? We're not talking about camouflage, we're talking about shapeshifting. The mouth of Satan would show it. I'm trying to argue logically on an irrational subject.
reece says2017-01-06T03:48:43.5152675Z
@Rjupudi18 Why would he need time if he's all-powerful and all-knowing.
reece says2017-01-06T03:49:23.8860575Z
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-06T04:36:08.2824575Z
@reece It is entirely logical because optical illusions, holograms and camouflage all have scientific basis and are totally possible. Satan being the most deceptive and cunning being he is would've easily taken the form of a serpent to deceive Eve. And science has neither proven nor disproven the idea of shape shifting. We see it to some extent in the natural world with chameleons and other creatures. It is irrational to call something irrational without first disproving it.
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-06T04:45:22.6148675Z
@reece God does not NEED time to do anything. Time is a limiting factor applied to the created, finite universe not the infinite Creator. When we obeserve the natural world, we know that the earth is a lot older than 6,000 years and that life had existed on our planet for millions of years. God does everything in an orderly, systematic fashion because He is a God of order not chaos (1 Corinthians 14:33). Therefore, it is logical to conclude the days of Creation are long periods of time not literal 24-hour days. From His perspective, He may have created the universe in a flash but from our perspective, it took several billions of years.
reece says2017-01-06T06:38:38.4408575Z
@Rjupudi18 Anything is possible with your imagination.
reece says2017-01-06T06:43:52.5176675Z
@Rjupudi18 So why would God use time such as 6000 years to define his creation?
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-06T15:55:46.1050286Z
@Everything is impossible with your ignorance and bigotry.
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-06T15:58:30.3574286Z
@Why wouldn't he? Again, if you read my last comment, you'd see that God doesn't need time. It is us who opearate in time not God.
reece says2017-01-06T20:39:41.0492152Z
@Rjupudi18 So 6 days, what does that mean?
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-06T23:40:58.7732152Z
@reece The six days refer to six major "events" in Creation. The first "event" was God created light and separated it from darkness. Second "event" was He created the atmosphere and divided the oceans. And so on.
reece says2017-01-07T00:23:28.1046195Z
@Rjupudi18 So it has nothing to do with time?
Rjupudi18 says2017-01-09T07:15:55.1743038Z
@reece what do you mean?
Mharman says2017-01-12T02:00:54.6982401Z
Why not both?
brinzahar says2017-02-24T13:58:37.6307879Z
Christmas is just another reason that proves Christians are power hungry and discriminatory towards those who have different beliefs.

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