Hard or Soft Brexit?

Posted by: TheBilbo1

Should the UK go for a soft or hard Brexit (leaving the EU)?

29 Total Votes

Hard Brexit

17 votes

Soft Brexit

12 votes
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JoeJoystick says2016-10-10T17:37:25.8625228Z
Few things went the wrong way here I guess, but the result is there. The government never has taken seriously the chances of a Brexit vote actually coming through. And with the complete and utter nonsense that the Brexit voters have been told it would have been a fairly easy task for the government to avoid this whole Brexit story. However, that is too little too late now I am afraid. So the given is Brexit and I think it would not be fair to negotiate a special deal for them. EU members have privileges that have taken many years to negotiate. Now they want out but they want to keep all the good things. Sorry, but it doesn't work like that. I personally think that the EU stance on a hard Brexit is in part of hopes to turn around the decision. Brexit is the inevitable only because Cameron had promised so, but it is not quiet the case by law, so there is a possibility for the parlement to stop it. Yet another good reason to keep the pressure on.

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