Has Debate.org helped form or change an opinion you have?

Posted by: pozessed

Has DDO changed your mind on issues you have discussed here? Has DDO helped you gain an opinion on things that you never found relevant before visiting the site?

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I have changed my mind on issues and found new opinions since joining this site.

4 votes
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I have not changed my mind on any issues nor have I found any new opinions.

2 votes

I have formed new opinions since joining this site.

2 votes

I have changed my mind on some issues since joining this site.

2 votes
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yay842 says2013-09-14T14:14:34.0409098-05:00
You made a lot of spelling errors.
PatriotPerson says2013-09-14T20:49:23.9488152-05:00
Yeah like "Opion" should be "Opinion" and "oining" should be "joining".
pozessed says2013-09-14T20:50:46.1190131-05:00
Yes yes, I have been seeing lots of them. I need to be more patient and proof read more.

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