Has Feminism Gone Too Far in the Recent Years?

Posted by: MASTAHFAM

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Yes it has gone too far!

19 votes

No, it has not gone too far.

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Mark119 says2016-02-25T19:13:46.2277335Z
Feminism is stupid instead of focusing on the real issues they attack white men under the banner of "political correctness" while at the same time preach tolerance. Fucking hypocrites.
stschiffman says2016-02-25T22:14:37.8815739Z
@komododragon8 Feminism was once about equality, now it's about misandry.
hcd1997 says2016-02-25T23:49:13.9071182Z
@Mark119 you sexist person
komododragon8 says2016-02-26T00:57:54.8456004Z
Stschiffman: And you evidence for that is?
Mark119 says2016-02-26T14:18:11.9684677Z
How am I sexist? Just because I understand that feminism today has become warped into attacking other people based on their opinions?
pipster229 says2016-06-07T01:38:17.0121739Z
Feminists want more than equality. They want men to be looked down upon as evil despicable apes.
H501 says2016-06-14T21:19:43.9198002Z
Hcd1997, the very fact that you insulted Mark119 proves his point.

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