Has the increased use of online news shown this is the end of the line for newspapers?

Posted by: wbirchall

  • Yes

  • No

67% 6 votes
33% 3 votes
  • We have never gotten newspapers, we always get our news online. Also, those people who always urge us to "go green" will probably want it because they print it on paper, and they want to save the trees.

  • We still need newspapers. Since most newspapers have gone online, journalism corporations have entered serious declines in revenue. It is not sustainable for news sites to provide free news. Advertising online costs so much less, as companies such as Google have trivialised it all. Thus, fewer profits can be expected, and journalism would become a dying art. However, newspapers are so much better in terms of content - they have much more analytical content. However, they have lost the thrill of 'breaking news'. I feel that both online news and newspapers can coexist. To achieve this, analytical content should be charged for, and increased online.

  • You know what my internet news can't do? Throw in a few mini-games, or a funny section. Current online news is just disappointment after the next. If I wanted to be sad when I looked at the news I would watch Vice News. With a Newspaper they balance the news out with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Why organize my online news, when I can have someone organize it on a piece of paper for me?

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cosecant says2014-06-21T13:06:39.3667073-05:00
Read The Newspaper Article.....
wbirchall says2014-06-21T14:08:30.9097901-05:00
cosecant says2014-06-22T05:18:09.2727252-05:00
Did You Put That Here Intentionally?...

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