Has the US Postal Service outlived its usefulness?

Posted by: SemperVI

“You disrupt my service and we will never work with you,” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe reportedly told Outbox founders Evan Baehr and Will Davis during a meeting in Washington, D.C. “You mentioned making the service better for our customers; but the American citizens aren’t our customers — about 400 junk mailers are our customers. Your service hurts our ability to serve those customers.”

  • Yes, I am FedUp with Junk Mail

  • No, I collect Junk Mail

21% 3 votes
79% 11 votes
  • Its the conservatives who are against the founding fathers. Who established a duty to provide fast and reliable mail service

  • Not at all. I'd go as far as to say that it has become essential to our economy.

  • No way. The economy relies heavily on the USPS. Imagine having to pay to have your mail delivered or having to pay extra money to pay your bills.

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Rightwing15 says2014-05-04T20:25:30.3856109-05:00
Watch what you're saying, i disagreed with the question and I'm conservative. Your reasoning is flawed
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T20:33:02.6608109-05:00
discomfiting says2014-05-04T20:50:05.7981919-05:00
Conservative reasoning is flawed -_-
Rightwing15 says2014-05-04T20:53:53.9389216-05:00
What ever the socialist says kemosabe
discomfiting says2014-05-04T20:56:47.0301919-05:00
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T21:03:30.3138571-05:00
Typical right wing. Raised so delusionally that they think socialism is automatically bad. Hint: Any form of government spending is socialism. Unless you want anarchy, America is and always was a socialist state.
abyteofbrain says2014-05-04T21:06:41.6322571-05:00
I think you shouldI suppose that some shipping companies may be able to replace it without too much trouble.
discomfiting says2014-05-04T21:06:55.2354571-05:00
Most americans don't even know what socialism is (or communism). They just hear either word and due to their brainwashing, they automatically jump to "IT'S EVIL!" without knowing what any of it is. News flash: Republicans want to up the spending the budget? THAT'S SOCIALISM!
abyteofbrain says2014-05-04T21:07:34.9062571-05:00
Ignore the "I think you should," I don't even know how that got there.
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T21:08:15.6534571-05:00
I made a forum topic on it actually. Federal spending has always been at its highest under conservative presidents IE socialism
abyteofbrain says2014-05-04T21:08:51.9465919-05:00
Essentially it is, and it's not good (not now, anyway).
abyteofbrain says2014-05-04T21:09:32.8890571-05:00
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T21:11:17.1285677-05:00
We don't need more socialism, but more nationalization. Some markets were never designed to be free. Why the double standards in some area. We can have a national postal service, but not a national bank?
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T21:17:29.7205802-05:00
Your comments are irrelevant Semper. Junk mail is only sent based on what you sign up for. So take your complaint up with the cookies and other things sites trick you into signing up for
SemperVI says2014-05-04T21:21:43.8969919-05:00
@Jifpop09: LOL. Apparently Mr. Iran has never seen the contents of a typical US Mailbox
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T21:26:12.6637802-05:00
Wow man, don't go there. The point remains the same. Don't sign up for mail if you don't want it. At the very least, your making the government money. What's the trade off. 5 seconds to the trash can, or 32$ in the governments pocket? Regardless, my roots are in Afghanistan -_-
SemperVI says2014-05-04T21:40:55.4697033-05:00
@Jifpop09: I don't know how mail works in Iran or Afghanistan. What I do know, is you don't know what your talking about. You don't sign up for the mail. The mail I speak of is not mail sent from a website I signed up to. The mail is not even addressed to me. It is address to "The Resident At: Street Address blah blah, blah. The average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail a year in the US. This is approximately 560 pieces of mail. 44% of this mail is solely used to fill up landfills unopened. This is according to https://www.41pounds.org/about/. Personally, I think this is a conservative number as I get anywhere from 10 to 15 junk mailers a day. Jifpop - you do not have a choice. If you live in the US, your going to get the mail.
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T21:42:44.6733919-05:00
You still fail to address my point. Would you rather walk to the trash can, or give the government 15$ by allowing them to send you junk mail? I would rather see my government grow richer as a result
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T21:53:33.6427608-05:00
BTW, what makes you think that junk mail wont get sent through free market mail The corporations will still pay for having their junk mail delivered.
SemperVI says2014-05-04T21:53:58.4781200-05:00
In 2013, the USPS did not earn any money - it operated at a 5 billion dollar loss. Meaning it cost the USPS 5 billion dollars more than it brought in revenue. So I paid for something I do not want. More to the point. This is not even about money. Each year, the 100 million trees are cut down for these junk mailers. This amounts to 4.5 million tons of junk mail yearly, of which 44% goes straight to the landfill unopened and unread. This is not how a country builds wealth.
Jifpop09 says2014-05-04T21:58:04.2153919-05:00
USPS costs money, which is neccesary to have the luxury of a mail service. Junk mail offsets some of the budget cost it takes to have this service. You may not rely on having a mail service, but others do. If mail was free market, it would be all the same as well. People would just send mail through other mail services. If you think about it, companies would not spend money on mail advertising if it was not profitable. So junk mail helps corporate growth as a whole. Which once again leaves me to my question. More money to the government and private sector, or a 5 minute walk to the trash can?
occupied says2014-05-05T14:12:56.9207779-05:00

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