Has Theology been the biggest waste of effort in human history?

Posted by: Kreakin

  • Yes, trying to prove something with no evidence is a waste of time. The time wasted by scholars has deprived the human race of many useful ideas and slowed human progress. .

  • No, it has provided a rational study of the essential nature of God. It has slowed science which may have helped us.

50% 10 votes
50% 10 votes
  • Though religion has done some good in history, it's not only wasting time and energy, but it has and is slowing scientific progress. It also leads to dogma which leads to fanaticism, which leads to the creation of organizations such as the KKK and the West Beuro Babtist Church. In many religious texts such as the bible, have many misonginistic and discriminatory claims against women, the LGBTQ community, and people of other religions as well. People say religion leads to peace, but though out history, it is proven again and again that it only causes caous, war, and genoside.

  • Yes, we've wasted countless time and people due to religion. There are people who dedicate their lives to it. Praying is a waste, building churches, etc.

  • Yes. During the Christian middle ages, we have lost 1000 years of education.

  • Theology is a waste of time. It is illogical, and unreasonable to believe ideas not supported by a shred of good evidence. And the "some good" that has come from theology is attainable by purely secular means. Theology doesn't help people, but people help people. Theology has done far more harm than good. People need to realize that this life is the only life we know of, so we need take responsibility for our actions, and evolve as humans through logic reason and compassion. Not asking some imagined god to forgive us of all wrong doing because we want to live in an eternal afterlife worshiping it, because the only other alternative is eternal torture. That is just pathetic!

  • For goodness sake, Facebook is the biggest waste of time in Human history!

  • It has kept us busy with academic things rather than really wasting our time, like inventing FB fads even earlier. Let's look at the Renaissance. Most schools were theological. That was what came to mind when people heard "scholar." This was a person who was busy studying/translating the bible and completely involved in literature. Unless you can tell me with a 100% certainty that STEM topics would be dominant in a world w/o theology, I will always vote con.

    Posted by: Range
  • I've changed my stance. Even though no objective evidence has been produced for the existence of a god over thousands of years, theology has helped humanity in some areas.

  • The biggest waste of effort is almost anything that the US government does.

  • Neither answer you present is fully accurate...because science has not been slowed due to theology...in fact God has blessed many scientists who were religious with wonderful inventions...but of the 2 answers to choose from this side is more correct than the other.

  • No, it hasn't the development of new altoid containers was the worst waste of effort of humanity.

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Piney says2015-01-03T05:28:06.7907289-06:00
Theologie is to figure out who you are not where you are going.
Kreakin says2015-01-11T14:24:23.5086665-06:00
I thought it was the faiths creating new reasons to believe in them as people caught on that there was really none. And perhaps about maintaining their power and influence. I guess at some point in history most faiths have run out of ideas and turned to fear to maintain their power.

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