Hatfields & McCoys

Posted by: Black-Jesus

Which do you prefer in the famous Hatfield/McCoy feud?

  • Hatfields

  • McCoys

100% 2 votes
0% No votes
  • I like hats. I'd say... top hats are my favorite. Ima name all the types of hats I know: top hats, bowlerhat, baseball cap, beret, beanie, cowboy hat, dinosaur hat, Jewish traditional hat, Pope hat, truck driver hat, construction hat, train conductor hat, cat-in-the-hat hat, paper hat, bike helmet, skating helmet, motorcycle helmet, that hat from Gravity Falls, shower caps, baseball helmet, fireman helmet, those police hats, fedoras, crowns, cardboard boxes, masks, army helmets, airplane/jet pilot, a cap, and ridiculous wigs. I think I named all the hats in the world....

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Black-Jesus says2015-05-23T20:40:17.6262120-05:00
My bad, you guys, I thought the picture of the Hatfields on the right were the McCoys on the mini series because I couldn't find a real photograph of the McCoys, but that is actually the Hatfields
CannedBread says2015-05-24T14:07:06.1381461-05:00
Communistdog, you were very vague with your nameings of hats.
CommunistDog says2015-05-24T20:55:41.5823453-05:00
Yes, yes I was.

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