Have All Great Men (and Women), In Some Way Shape or Form, Been Radicals?

Posted by: dbushwacker

From the audacious MLK, to the visionary Karl Marx, to the terrible Hitler, and back to Alexander the Great - all are lasting names of renown. So what do they all have in common, perhaps, new and semi-progressive radical ideas. So, could they all be considered radicals, or not? Please explain.

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dbushwacker says2015-04-10T14:01:17.9813359-05:00
Yep, you get it, just asking generically if "great" people were radicals and if there are any exceptions.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-10T15:08:44.5435159-05:00
Gandhi, jesus, einstein, hawking, MLK, etc. Do you consider them radicals?
shaancl_716 says2015-04-10T16:39:07.1708326-05:00
Welp considering I don't think Jesus was actually legit....
dbushwacker says2015-04-12T21:58:57.6703462-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe I consider them radicals of society. MLK, Gandhi, and Jesus went against the status quo to advocate for human rights. MLK went against racial segregation and oppression by whites in the South during a time when blacks were murdered for just whistling at a white woman, Gandhi protested British occupation of India in a time when many were imprisoned or worse, and Jesus went against the Jewish faith and preached against Roman values resulting in his death. So, for their time they could be considered radicals right? And for Einstein and Hawking to have been recognized they had to challenge common theories of their time when others believed them wrong. Though it wasn't all necessary violent, are those no example of radical thought?
dbushwacker says2015-04-12T22:01:00.0437300-05:00
And whether Jesus is legit or not is another matter, he is known and widely accepted to have existed, and according to Christian belief he is technically considered a great man. I care not for theology now, I only care to know if you think he could be considered a radical. :P

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