Have most religions lost their ways of moral values and right or wrong and merely promoted profit and the obtaining passage to god? Or gods

Posted by: ECLP

Personally as a christian i think the churches have lost their ways of acceptance and humanity but rather just want their money and possibly to impose bad characteristics in people. I have also followed other religions but to avoid a major conflict i believe many of the other religions are doing the same thing.

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Its a house of god and will continue to propose his teachings to those willing to lisiten

Sure go to church listen to your preachers and read your bibles. Its your choices after all. And that is the way to god for you all then that is your key.
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Meh. Churches aint mah thing
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Yes the churches are just buildings with people in uniform. They do not speak for my beliefs.

People are given a destiny by the lord how can my destiny given to him be know to these people that i do not know? We all have a choice and its all written. We only have to find out ourselves how its written. But thats my belief
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ECLP says2015-05-18T11:27:09.1489168-05:00
Sorry i try not ot be bias on the subjects of religion i mean to edit those with "gods" to apply to religions such as hinduism and greek religious beliefs :/
TheMarquis says2015-05-18T11:31:58.5341389-05:00
I don't think that most ever really had a "way".
OverLordGoldDragon says2015-05-18T12:23:52.3400103-05:00
There is a clear bias in the question. You leave no room for those who entirely refute the concept. "Meh" doesn't count because it provides no reason whatsoever - and, in a way, no position whatsoever - and instead makes those who do not do churches or religion at all look lazy/careless/etc.
ObjectiveTruth says2015-05-18T14:28:21.7101562-05:00
Well I feel that the above statement is true for christianity but I find that it has no truth to other religions.

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