• Yes, we've passed Peak Oil.

  • No, we've haven't passed Peak Oil.

43% 3 votes
57% 4 votes
  • No, but we are on the brink. If it were not for Tar Sands and the Fracking shell game, traditional oil fields would have all peaked by now (most traditional oil fields have already peaked). While traditional Oil fields have a 40 year cycle between peak discovery and peak production, fracking only has a 2 year cycle. Being that peak oilfield discover occurred in the late 1960's, peak oil has already occurred in most oilfields. Since the fracking cycle is so much shorter by comparison, Global peak oil must occur very soon (before 2020 in my opinion). Fracking is not our salvation by any means.

  • Currently, No. But the peak is fast approaching.

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pj69 says2015-12-20T17:41:46.5065455Z
No but we are extremely close. Once The House of Saud decides to throttle the taps, humanity as a whole will have passed "the peak".

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