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71% 5 votes
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Macgreggor says2014-03-29T12:05:22.8754007-05:00
Well, learned well from the master. Seems like the pig squeals loudest and makes polls when they know they are guilty. Nice language from such a victimized person. Shouldn't try to play in two camps spy master.
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-29T12:05:27.7894322-05:00
Aww Mac, who would call you that? :o
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-29T12:06:52.2015733-05:00
I can be part of two camps to learn more from two sides with different knowledge and experiences. I just don't have to represent them.
imabench says2014-03-29T12:21:03.4054297-05:00
Jesus Christ can you stop making these dumb polls already?
Macgreggor says2014-03-29T12:30:31.4406116-05:00
No because she is a scorned two year old without her binky
kbub says2014-03-29T12:30:49.0554178-05:00
Jesus Christ didn't make these polls, bench
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-29T12:32:59.2393999-05:00
Thanks Mac. I don't have a binky though. I do have a stuffed toy. But I have that right now...
Macgreggor says2014-03-29T12:39:20.3292549-05:00
Esocial Just shut up and quite trying to immolate your idol
Macgreggor says2014-03-29T12:40:09.8879789-05:00
Kbub not literally, but in her mind..
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-29T13:07:55.8828477-05:00
My grandfather? Or my mother? Which idol? Because I don't have children yet :/
DauntlessWarrior says2014-03-29T13:10:26.5352240-05:00
Ladies, ladies, you're both pretty
Macgreggor says2014-03-29T20:23:09.8358352-05:00
What the what?
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-29T20:23:57.5201130-05:00
I was the bigger person. I told her you're not a girl.
Macgreggor says2014-03-29T20:57:34.9406451-05:00
Thank you esocial, did you tell her you're a
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-29T21:00:10.8168443-05:00
No. But I told her you're a *This adjective had been disapproved of and deleted by the DDO Elite for being too accurate and insulting*
bigboss says2014-04-03T13:10:07.5672962-05:00
No one should but its natural
Formerland1 says2014-06-16T20:27:56.1442643-05:00
Only when I backstab them

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